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Artits impression of Magic Jug

Belfast’s ‘Magic Jug’ dropped

BBC NI Radio Ulster’s Evening Extra has reported that the Northern Ireland Department for Social Development have confirmed that the ‘Magic Jug’ public art sculpture, destined for Fountain Street, Belfast, has been cancelled. [added link to BBC report] Nothing to do with the campaign, apparently.  The £100,000 cost has been cited as the main factor in more…

Artits impression of Magic Jug

Belfast’s Magic Jug: “a silly, frivolous piece of public art”

Moochin noted the start of the campaign against the proposed “Magic Jug” sculpture in Belfast’s Fountain Street .  Now there’s an open letter to the Department for Social Development, signed by a number of artists, architects and others, setting out their concerns under four headings: Procurement, Location, The Wider Plan and Sustainability. And here’s an more…