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This month we celebrated our 15th Birthday. Over 36,000 posts and nearly a million comments later Slugger is stronger than ever. In the last month alone we have had over 150,000 readers! For those of you who love a bit of sexy data visualisation, we have this funky interactive report for our June traffic. You may or may not know that Slugger does not get any funding of any kind. We value our independence and are likely never to apply … Read more

Slugger makes another global list of good online things (so lend us your talents, give us your money)

I never know what to make of online awards and rankings other than to be surprised when Slugger continues to make them. Reader site Feedspot puts us at 70 amongst English language pol blogs, and 17 in the UK. My friend John Arovosis who runs the America Blog (No 58) once jokingly said to me that the best way to have a really successful blog is to start in 2002. In fact it was, I think the third or fourth … Read more

A tiny insight into how Sinn Fein MLAs make their huge donations to the party?

If you missed this, it’s worth noting in passing… Fermanagh-South Tyrone MLA Phil Flanagan told the High Court last week that he gets to keep only £2,000 a month of his £48,000-a-year assembly salary and that people within Sinn Féin “have access” to his bank account. Mr Flanagan made the claim to support his case for not having enough money to pay substantial libel damages to former Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott. The Sinn Féin MLA is challenging Stormont’s former … Read more

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So as the end of the year comes rapidly, and it is time to thank all you who have supported the site throughout the last year with some great conversation, ideas and, above all, your civilized engagement. The site just about pays its way on the back of advertising revenue and the donations from its readers. Any shortfall or emergency payments are usually made up from my own earnings. And we have been fortunate enough in the past to have … Read more

Does SIPO consider a ‘donation in kind’ an exception to the legislation?

The specific legislation concerned is in Section 24 of the Electoral Act of 1997 (which is well worth going through to test the argument below for loopholes). Sitting snugly under Faduda’s story on Martin McGuinness there is another one which details a prima facae case that Senator David Cullinane may be breach of the donation rules. And it looks as though other Sinn Fein members of the Oireachtas may be using a similar rationale for not making a full declaration of … Read more

NI Water: As brought to you by Slugger O’Toole and others…

I’ve been away for a few days and this story has been rolling on without me taking such a close interest in it. It has been an extraordinary few months. For me it began with a tip off on Friday 2nd July that I should get a hold of footage of the PAC meeting from the previous day. Thanks to prompt service from the Beeb the democracy live footage was available that evening. I sat down to watch it after … Read more