Now we see who’s ‘red (white and blue) lines’ are holding up the show!

It’s becoming increasingly clear that unionist political parties and politicians have set their opposition to an Irish Language Act and, by extension, any form of an Irish identity within ‘British’ NI as a priority ‘red line’ ahead of returning to powersharing or, even, at the most fundamental level aspiring to an equal Union between NI and the rest of the UK. The rhetoric today from Arlene Foster in which she set out what she would not countenance in response to … Read more

Dyfodol S4C (In Welsh to test the waters…)

I gychwyn y ffeithiau: 1) Y BBC i ariannu S4C o incwm o’r drwydded. 2) Yr ariannu i ddisgyn o’r swm cyfredol o c. £100m y flwyddyn i gyfanswm o £83m erbyn 2014/15. 3) Partneriaeth rheoli ar egwyddorion cyffelyb i BBC Alba i gychwyn erbyn 2013/14, gyda Awdurdod S4C yn cytuno a rhyw fath o fwrdd y BBC ar strategaeth y wasanaeth. Yr adwaith? Geraint Talfan Davies yma There is no shortage of astonishment in Welsh broadcasting circles at the … Read more