Famous Sir Seamus and his Oul Orange Flute.

    In Belfast Town where they built the Titanic, The folk are all merry but oftimes bit manic; James Galway he lived there a fluter by trade, And sure all of us thought him a stout Orange blade. On the 12th of July as it yearly did come, James played on the flute to the sound of the drum; You may talk of piano or fiddle or lute, But nothing can sound like the oul Orange Flute.   But this … Read more

Unionism and the Separation of Church and State.

Recently, tourists coming to Northern Ireland around Easter were denied the option of having a glass of wine with their meal at lunch time on Good Friday. Okay, we do have a serious problem here with abuse of alcohol and binge drinking: but to suggest that there is something anti-Christian in alcohol in itself, is a matter of opinion to say the least. Of course there are much more serious issues to consider: take the issue of abortion for instance, … Read more

Is it time to consider a new confederation of the Islands?

Slugger O’Toole is undoubtedly the most successful blog site and the ultimate soapbox for debate in Northern Ireland at the moment: a Speaker’s Corner in downtown Cyberville for New-Age ranters.  Not too sure if Slugger would let the likes of me have a blog on this site or not? If I could get on there I would have to be very careful what I said as Slugger’s followers love to challenge and even ridicule: especially anything that might be from a … Read more