#Right2Change: a political movement that is “not quite in harmony just yet”

Over the last few months discussions have taken place between left leaning parties, independents, social groups and trade union movements with a view to presenting a united left alternative to the electorate in next year’s general election. The initiative to bring together parties and individuals on the left was coordinated by an organisation called ‘Right2Change’. Born of the ‘Right2Water’ campaign; Right2Change is effectively a mass social movement generated out of what was initially the anti-water charges movement which saw dozens … Read more

Micheál Martin: Setting a high standard, for everyone except himself?

Setting high standards for everybody else to live up to is all very well, but failing to live up to them yourself is not the mark of a credible future Taoiseach. With an eye on the next 26 county general election, Michael Martin has recently ramped up his attacks on Sinn Fein. While his most recent rant speech includes attacks on Republicans, Unionists and both the Dublin and London governments, it’s clear who the real target is. Martin has said in … Read more

Greek Referendum: Win Win for Europe

Greek Referendum: A Win Win for Europe. So the Greek vote has lobbed a grenade into the Eurozone. Nobody should be surprised. After five years of austerity resulting in massive unemployment, extreme levels of poverty, a startling rise in suicide and 30% wipe out of Greek’s GDP; Greek voters yesterday stood against  the economic ‘terrorists’ and ‘blackmailers’ and openly supported their government giving them a clear mandate to negotiate a better deal. Despite the celebrations on the streets of Athens … Read more

Reconciliation In Derry – Remembering Messines

After a pretty heavy engagement on Slugger last weekend on the role of republicans, loyalists and the state regarding the troubles and its many victims, I was left feeling a little hopeless about how to overcome the barriers on the road to reconciliation. However, when I saw this article in the Belfast Telegraph, I have to admit my spirits were lifted somewhat. It is only in recent years that the Irish state has moved to lift the blanket of collective amnesia that for … Read more