“let’s not kid ourselves that we’re supporting victims’ families…”

There was anguish written on the face of Kingsmill survivor Alan Black and it was real. No doubt about that. And now that the furious waterfall of typing has slowed to a dribble, we should look calmly at what caused it. It is settled ground that it was not the content per se of Barry McElduff’s video that caused the issue, it was the perceived intent behind it. Without a malign double meaning it is just a video of a … Read more

Story of Peadar Heffron’s ostracisation should mark a turning point for NI and the GAA…

Taking in the air of the men’s changing rooms in 1980s Dungiven gives a man some perspective, and nobody could have written up that interview with Peadar Heffron quite like Joe Brolly. The story that Brolly had to tell was, of course, that of his interviewee but it came with an authenticity that was as much to do with Brolly’s own lived experience as it was to do with his skill in setting out a narrative. He didn’t have to … Read more