Was Einstein wrong? Probably not.

Ok, this is where my profile picture becomes relevant(-ish) You may have read in the news today that Einstein was wrong. This is due to people drawing conclusions without enough information (it’s not the first time either, see physicists try to destroy Earth with black hole, Higgs boson found, and other such news stories). Luckily though, not everyone out there has jumped on the bandwagon. The result published by CERN today (the paper in question is here) was from an experiment involving … Read more

Ireland, the UK, evolution, wealth and belief

There was a good graph out this morning on belief in evolution versus GDP in various nations, interesting how the US is the biggest outlier in the data set by a significant margin. Also interesting is the UK compared with Ireland; the UK is pretty much bang on the trend line and Ireland shows a significantly higher degree of scepticism at about 10% lower in terms of evolutionary belief, now what does that tell you? Niall Fealty