What now for Northern republicanism?

A few things have got me thinking recently. The first was the progressive election campaign by the DUP. The second was the comments by Declan O’Loan and thirdly, was the creeping nature of the dissident campaign. The end result is a mixed up collection of emotions and thoughts that I just have to get off my chest. The DUP campaign got me to think the unthinkable (as a republican) – could I ever countenance something short of Irish unity, particularly … Read more

Republicans and Unionists both need to look at their directions of travel

Guest blogger Mr Crumlin argues it is high time both Republicanism and Unionism stop coasting in the same gear they were in during the conflict. And he asks: “Does unionism genuinely want to work with their fellow countrymen in the north? If so, then it is up to republicanism once again to show leadership and to travel the extra mile for the national good.”