P&O Ferries fire 800 workers…

Nothing says we value our employees more than mass firing them via a video message. It seems P&O stands for P*ss Off.

Last year we went on holiday to Scotland by ferry. I remember looking at the P&O website but the brand just felt tired, Stenaline had a slicker vibe so I ended up going with them. Also the fact Stenaline left from Belfast was a real convenience.

I don’t know about you but when I am choosing a travel company safety is a key consideration. I am not sure replacing all your staff with cheap overseas agency workers sends a very reassuring message to potential customers.

I don’t know enough about it, does anyone know if Stenaline can take up the slack?

P&O is owned by DP World, which in turn is owned by the Dubai Government. I have been in business all my life so I am as free market as the next running dog of capitalism but I have serious concerns over the viability of companies bought by venture capital funds. The funds are too far removed from the market the companies operate in and their short term focus on maximising profits at all costs damages the long term viability of companies.