Slugger Podcast talks about the State of the State

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In this episode of the Slugger podcast we speak with Ed Roddis, Head of Public Sector Research and Marie Doyle, Director at Deloitte about the latest State of the State Report. We chatted about attitudes toward the health service, the protocol and confidence in the Executive.

The State of the State Report for 2021 has been released by Deloitte. The report examines and attempts to put in context attitudes and opinions of the public, policy-makers and business leaders about the direction of travel in the UK over the past 12 months. 2021 has been a  tough year with the pandemic and our attempts to do things better in our new COVID 19 era.

For you Slugger readers, the report does a good bit of research on attitudes in Northern Ireland. and no surprise but the the public want a focus on healthcare over all other policy areas. In the report, people surveyed in Northern Ireland overwhelmingly said healthcare should be prioritised for public spending in 2022, with 70% identifying it as a top priority (68% UK average). But Northern Ireland’s public saw social care and benefits payments as bigger priorities than elsewhere in the UK, with 39% highlighting social care for older people (33% UK average), 25% saying social services for children and vulnerable adults and 18% saying benefits payments should be prioritised for increased funding (vs 13% UK wide).