Insights and intersections: NI Ethnic Minorities’ and Migrants’ Relations – Free Event…

How do relations with the environment intersect with ethnic minority and migrant experiences and identities in Northern Ireland?

A special online event will take place this Friday afternoon that will bring together individuals, community groups, civil society organisations, policymakers and researchers to discuss the ways migrant and minority ethnic members of Northern Ireland society:

  • make proactive contributions to activism and philanthropy locally and globally about environmental concerns;
  • engage in good environmental practices for the purposes of wellbeing, enterprise and environmental justice;
  • share insights from those who are in/directly impacted by environmental issues, including migration from global climate change; access, participation and exploitation within agriculture, particularly in terms of how those relations are affected by Brexit, the hostile environment, and the purchase of land in a context where farms are often inherited.

Through this discussion, it is hoped that fertile ground will be laid for future research and cross-fertilisation of ways in which to promote inclusive practices within, and with, diverse communities.

Speakers and audience members will be encouraged to identify important areas, research questions and partnerships to bridge the current academic research gap about the environment, which was identified in a recent project report, ‘Collation and Mapping of Research related to Migrant and Minority Ethnic Matters in Northern Ireland produced within Northern Ireland’s Universities.

This event is hosted by the MME Council in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2021. The event will take place online on Friday 19 November 2021 from 2pm-4.30pm. You can register by clicking here.