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What a year eh? I imagine like me you will be glad to see the back of 2020.

It was a busy aul year for us at Slugger. We had over 1.7million visitors to the site, who read over 5 million pages of content. We have had 950 posts so far this year, which lead to over 125,000 comments in the discussions. How we can maintain civil discussion around the notoriously divisive subject of Northern Ireland politics is a Christmas Miracle in itself.

In addition to the core site, we also put out monthly episodes of Slugger TV and launched our new podcast. Before the pandemic really hit we even managed to have a few full house live events, remember going out? All this is quite an achievement for a site that is run by unpaid volunteers.

Slugger values our readers too much to ever melt your head with intrusive ads. Instead, we have gone for a reader-supported model. Your donations help us cover the costs of running the site.

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As well as getting a warm philanthropic glow in your heart, you also get to watch our recent Slugger End of Year Review Show. This is spread across three episodes that you can watch in the comfort of your own home. None of that aul Zoom malarky either, the guests were recorded live at the Accidental Theatre Belfast.

Your hosts Alan Meban and David McCann were joined by:

  1. Tina McKenzie (Chair of FSB NI) and Tim Cairns (Commentator and former SPAD)
  2. Sarah Creighton (Commentator) and Chris Donnelly (School Principal & Commentator)
  3. Alex Kane (Commentator) and Allison Morris (Security Correspondent with the Irish News)

You can watch a quick preview of the review below. To view it all just give a donation of at least £5.

YouTube video

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Whatever you get up to over Christmas, I hope it will be healthy and peaceful.

Walking in the snow – Dublin, Ireland – Color street photography” by Giuseppe Milo ( is licensed under CC BY

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