#InConversation podcast with Tim Attwood on the life and legacy of John Hume…

Tim Attwood was an SDLP councillor and party worker who knew John Hume well.

We discuss Hume’s early years, the setting up the Derry credit Union as well and John’s business ventures with a Donegal Fish Smoking House. We move on to the importance Hume placed on his Irish American connections and how he saw it as crucial to get investment into Northern Ireland.

We also discuss what Hume was like at a personal level. His sweet tooth and love of Crunchies and Crème brûlée.

Tim is keen to emphasise that John was quite an ordinary man who placed great value on his family and community. This is not to diminish John’s achievements but rather to show that we can all capable of great things if we have focus and drive. Hume’s legacy should be to remind us that people can make a difference.

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