“We were sold a pup with the GFA” – Sinn Féin MP

Writing on Twitter on Thursday, Sinn Féin MP Francie Molloy made the following comment in response to commentary on the attitude of Taoiseach Micheál Martin on reunfication :

We were sold a pup with the GFA no commitment from either Dublin or London to deliver for Nationalists or Republicans it was just a bluff.

The Twitter account does not have verified status, but it is linked from Francie’s page on the official Sinn Féin website so it seems to be legitimate.

While I am sure this view does not reflect that of the SF leadership, Francie Malloy is not exactly wet behind the ears – he has, according to his Sinn Féin biography, been a republican activist for 50 years, and occupies the seat previously held by the late Martin McGuinness, who held the title of Chief Negotiator at the time of Sinn Féin’s involvement in the negotiation of the Good Friday Agreement. For someone of Molloy’s stature to make a comment of this kind is an interesting development, particularly as it appears to have gone unnoticed by much of the Northern Ireland media.

How many republicans does Francie speak for when he suggests that republicans were bluffed into backing the GFA ?

More importantly, who exactly sold the pup to whom ?




Francie Molloy MP addressing the 2017 Ard Fheis.” by Sinn Féin is licensed under CC BY