Air France ordered to curb competition with rail in France…

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ONE of three conditions imposed on Air France in exchange for a €7bn coronavirus aid package is to stop competing with TGV services where rail offers a viable alternative.

The ban on short-haul domestic air travel will apply to routes where trains offer a journey time of 2h 30min or less. This means Air France will no longer be able to sell tickets for domestic travel on flights between Paris and Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes or Rennes. Only passengers using these flights to connect with flights to other destinations will be allowed to travel by air.

“The plane should no longer be a means of transporting [people] in one hour or one hour 15 minutes which could be done at lower cost of CO2 by train in two hours or two hours 30,” Le Marie told BFM TV. “This must be the rule and we will enforce it.”

Seems like a common-sense move to me. I never understood why people would favour a plane over a train for short distances. Plane journeys are always horrible whereas a train journey can be a relaxing experience. Once you factor in having to arrive 2 hours before your flight, the endless security queues etc the journey time can be similar.

Obviously being an Island we have no choice but to fly (yes I know we also have ferries) if you want to go outside of Ireland but in Britain, it does seem a bit pointless having internal flights from Edinburgh to London, Manchester to London etc if there is a decent train service as an option.

Renationialise the railways and invest in proper services that make train travel the preferred choice.

Photo by music4life is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA