Long says she is the candidate who can gain transfers to win the third seat

The Alliance Party launched their European Manifesto today in Belfast with their candidate and party leader, Naomi Long leading the event.

The Alliance Leader was keen to stress the recent surge in support for the party at the recent local government elections with a pitch about the “forward momentum” that her party was enjoying in comparison to her main rivals whom she argued where either stagnating or falling backwards.

In her remarks she said;

Brexit has not happened yet but already it has brought increased chaos and division to our politics and across Northern Ireland,” she said.

“It has paralysed our politics, placed jobs at risk and endangering the stability of our community, while threatening our place in Europe and the wider world. The EU is not perfect but it works in breaking down barriers and showing we are better together.

“The recent Council election results, in addition with a number of polls and surveys, show Alliance is in prime position to not only substantially increase our number of first preference votes but also gain the required transfers from others to take the third seat and show the EU, and indeed the world, Northern Ireland wants to remain.

“Brexit is not an orange or green issue and I am not an orange or green politician. In 2016, people right across our community came together to vote Remain. I believe we can achieve better together and show that same spirit again on May 23.