Why do we need a government anyway?

In 7 days we will overtake Belguim for the record of longest time without a government. Now putting aside the whole debate of do we have a government or regional assembly the big issue is no one seems to care.

People are not exactly taking to the streets demanding the restoration of Stormont, so it is fair to conclude the general population could not give a monkies if it ever comes back. There is the wedeservebetter campaign but really what is the point of restoring something that never worked? In the ten years that Stormont existed can you think of anything useful that was achieved? The plastic bag tax is all I can think of.

The big question no one seems to ask is why do we need a government? People look at me as if I am crazy when I bring this up but when you think about it there must be better alternatives.

For example, take the Health Service. Why don’t they appoint a chief executive to get on with the task of running the thing? You have a board with representatives of the various unions. You can have patient representatives; you can have transparency and multiple checks and balances. How on earth is it a good idea to put a farmer, community worker etc. in charge of a health service? Someone who has never worked a day in their lives in the health service can suddenly be in charge of the whole thing. This is not a dig at the individuals but the system. If BT came out tomorrow and said there new chief executive is milkman from Derby they would be a laughing stock and their share price would tank.

An independent service free of political interference, allowed to get on with the task of running a health service, what is not to like?

Likewise education, infrastructure etc. Make them all autonomous and let them get on with it. This is not a call for privatisation, everything would stay in public ownership.

But what about democracy! The people need a say!  Democracy in NI is a sham, every election is just a sectarian headcount. No one cares what the policies of the main parties are they just vote to keep someone out. Your choice when you are voting is between a punch in the face and a kick in the nuts. Imagine the bliss of not having to listen to politicians arguing on Nolan, it will be worth it for that alone.

My politics are pragmatic, I don’t do ideology. What I do care about is someone picking up the litter, making sure the potholes in the road are filled and providing a doctor if I need one. How all that happens I really don’t mind.