Conor McGinn introduces bill to bring Marriage Equality to NI

The Labour MP, Conor McGinn is introducing a Private Members Bill that would bring Marriage Equality to Northern Ireland.

Writing in the Guardian he says;

Same-sex couples should not have to wait any more for this long overdue change and to enjoy the same rights as my constituents in St Helens, or people in Dublin, London, Cardiff or Edinburgh. The UK government has a moral duty to act and bring in legislation to finally end this discrimination. And, while I believe my proposed legislation has the support of a majority of MPs in the Commons, it could be knocked off course by the parliamentary process.

That is why it is vital that the government joins all those who are supporting this change and makes sure that we get legislation to end the ban on same-sex marriage and bring Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the UK and Ireland. Politics in Northern Ireland is often complicated. But this is not about people being unionists or nationalists. It is not actually about whether people who want to get married are gay or straight. In fact, it isn’t really about politics at all.

It’s simply about people being equal. It’s about doing what is fair and what is right. And it’s about doing it now. It is time we said “I do” to equality and justice, so same-sex couples in Northern Ireland can say “we do”, and marry the person they love.

Now very few Private Members Bills become law, only a handful since 2005 have made it into law but if the government can provide the parliamentary time it could get through.