Sinn Fein suspends Barry McElduff for three months

The West Tyrone Sinn Fein MP, Barry McElduff met with the Sinn Fein leadership today to discuss his social media posts over the weekend.

The party have suspended him for three months effective immediately.

Speaking after the meeting Michelle O’Neill said;

I made it clear to Barry that his tweet was ill-judged, indefensible and caused hurt and pain to the victims of Kingsmill. That it falls far short of the standard expected of Sinn Féin representatives and our members.

“Barry has again apologised for the unintended hurt which his tweet caused. He deeply regrets making such a post, and he accepts he has made an error of judgement.

“I don’t believe that Barry’s actions were calculated or deliberately intended to be malicious.

“However, given the seriousness of the issue, I have suspended Barry with immediate effect for a period of three months.

“Barry accepts this suspension as an appropriate response to his social media activity.

“To the Kingsmill families I recognise the hurt this has caused and I wholeheartedly apologise for any distress.”


David McCann holds a PhD in North-South relations from University of Ulster. You can follow him on twitter @dmcbfs