Gerry Adams “if elected I will be setting out our priorities and in particular our planned process of generational change”

Key bits of Gerry Adams remarks to the Sinn Fein think in this morning indicating the start of a leadership transition within the party

Sinn Féin is currently finalising our ten-year plan.

This has been the focus of much internal discussion for the last year.

It is about preparing the party for the next ten years and to ensure that we are better able to achieve our strategic objectives.

At this event in this venue last year Martin McGuinness made it clear that we had a plan for orderly leadership change.

None of us knew that Martin would become terminally ill and that we would meet this year without him.

We don’t have time to reflect on these mysteries of life and death this morning or on the loss of such a wonderful comrade and leader.

Suffice to say that we miss him deeply.

It is our intention to unveil at the Ard Fheis in November the plan that he helped to formulate. 

I will be allowing my name to go forward for the position of Uachtarán Shinn Féin. 

And if elected I will be setting out our priorities and in particular our planned process of generational change, including my own future intentions.



  • Jeff

    In summary he is going nowhere anytime soon. When will his supporters realise he is a significant part of the problem not the solution

  • ted hagan

    “None of us knew that Martin would become terminally ill”
    Hmmm. That’s the sort of way it works, I guess.

  • the rich get richer

    Gerry just needs a teeny weeny bit more experience…..Er No Gerry ….its time to go…..

  • Oggins

    So vote me in again and I will tell you all my plan?

    If he was any sort of leader, they should be publishing the plan either way.

  • Stephen Kelly

    I hope you stay where you are Jerry it will give comfort to hundreds of thousands of nationalists and yes we the hundreds of thousands of nationalists do miss Martin god rest him. It will make no difference to the hundreds of thousands of others eg unionists or whoever who fills your place because their minds are already made up forever and ever not only about the hundreds of thousands of crocodiles who vote Sinn Feinn but also about the uselessness of your replacement.

  • Glenn

    Gerrys long goodbye continues. Tune in, in 5 years time for the next underwhelming instalment of Gerrys long goodbye. Adams the leader of a single issue party which lets its electorate dangle on hospital waiting lists as they procrastinate. Those lengthening waiting lists are all in your own good. Remember it’s not who can inflict the most pain, it’s who can endure the most pain. And everyone on waiting lists are enduring the pain of republicans not sorting out hospitals.

  • Karl

    Think he picked it up from Arlenes – restart Stormont and we’ll discuss what youre after.

  • hollandia

    Well, call me a pedant, but if fails to be re-elected, then that plan would be someone else’s.

  • Oggins

    Hahaha. Show me yours and I will show you mine

  • Oggins

    To a degree yes, but like any organisation there should be a succession plan in place for leadership. These rarely change with a new leader in place. Only time you see significant change in leadership planning is if the organisation is not achieving its objectives and growth

  • The Saint

    I’d have to agree, time to call it a day Ger

  • The Saint

    I’m not sure. While Gerry is a steady hand, he’s also a toxic hand. I’m not sure the movement can grow with the same leadership for 30 odd years. If FF come into the north, they could represent a dynamic version of Republicanism. I think he could be shifted into a “director of football” style role and groom the next leader. There are bound to be more than a few much smarter than Her getting sick of him within the party.

  • ChequerChesireCat

    Elect me so I can select someone else to succeed me? Surely SF can do that without him.

    “I will be allowing my name to go forward…”
    What a generous man.

  • erasmus

    Time to ride off into the sunset, Gerry.
    At this stage it is beginning to resemble the Soviet gerontocracy (Brezhnev, Chernenko etc)

  • Marcus Orr

    That’s a wee bit harsh on the unionists, isn’t it Stephen ?

  • murdockp

    If elected….This is what George Orwell wrote about and Sinn Fein tick all the boxes having read the book a few times.

    Their stance on Irish republican equality being superior to the rights of everyone else who is not an Irish republican sends a chill down my spine and I say that as an Irish Nationalist.

  • Barneyt

    What’s the single issue in your mind? Ye see, there are so many to choose from

  • Barneyt

    It’s going to be a final crowning and bestowed honour if you ask me. My guess is he will be handsomely voted in but don’t doubt there is a succession plan and a wider sense that he should step aside undefeated to allow new blood in. A defeat would be too damaging. Will he be challenged I wonder?

  • mickfealty

    It will also be the only name. Me, rather naively, writing on the same subject, eight years ago:

  • mac tire

    Gerry tells us in November he will stay leader until next election in 26 counties? Possible election by middle of next year or a year from now – tops? SF potential kingmakers as third largest party? Price of SF getting into coalition is Gerry taking back seat?

    Gerry: “Sure, I told you in November I was going to do that anyway.”

    SF pay a price they were going to pay anyway and coalition partner spins that the old guard have gone away and now is the time…blah, blah?


  • Glenn

    Its not the single issue on my mind, its the single issue that occupies every shinner/provos mind. And it doesn’t involve playing straight with their electorate, who are languishing on a hospital trolleys. That’s of course if they can get near a trolley, but don’t worry Gerry can get his friends in America to get him some of that less than socialist, private medical treatment. Gerry ain’t doing any of that enduring of pain, the closet shinner/provo capitalist.

  • Roger

    Adams was elected leader 6 years after Robert Mugabe assumed government leadership…

  • Nap McCourt

    Gerry & provos only achievement since devolution has been the OTR letters and the social investment fund. Certainly a case of looking after your comrades, whilst your constituents have no representation at any level other than local council. Gerry probably feels that he has to achieve the same reward for his comrades south of the border and this was somewhat evident in his recent remarks on the Tom Oliver murder. Next the Shinners will be holding their own rewritten 1916-22 commemorations with the hope of eventually including their “heroes” who killed the likes of Garda McCabe and Tom Oliver.

  • Granni Trixie

    Gerry “groom the next Leader”? Why, he’s toxic.

  • Skibo

    You see him as part of the problem and fail to recognise his part in getting us to where we are today.

  • Skibo

    Glenn would you call the Tories a single issue party? Their aim is to ensure the control of the country stays with the few at the top. Everything they do can be seen as an end to that means.