BBC Pay ” If believing men and women should be treated equally is what feminism is about then count me in”

Many stories have been doing the rounds today about BBC Pay but one that caught attention has been the pay gap between men and women presenters/journalists in the organisation. Here are the stats very kindly displayed on the BBC Talkback Twitter account.


I could go on about this but a lot of some good arguments about this have been put forward by the local Journalist, Amanda Ferguson who talks about the significance of todays announcement;

‪I never thought of myself in terms of labels. It was only when I became a journalist and people started telling me I was a feminist that I really considered it. If believing men and women should be treated equally is what feminism is about then count me in. Declaration of interest – I sometimes get paid by the BBC (for radio and TV commentary) but I do genuinely like it and think it’s a great organisation which encourages commercial broadcasters to raise standards.

However, I am disgusted by some of the “star” salaries I have seen today. Two thirds of the list is made up of men! I don’t believe Chris Evans is worth £2m of public money but the most troubling issue for me is the gender pay gap between men and women. The highest paid female is Claudia Winkleman on £450-£500K. It’s 2017. I am flabbergasted at the difference. So, as a woman, as a feminist, I make no apology for continuing to bang the drum and keep “going on” about feminist issues. And I won’t stop until we have full equality for all women, everywhere. If that means I’ll be all over this issue like a rash until my dying breath, which is likely, then so be it.

Similar comments have been made by Allison Morris

The BBC has committed to improving the pay gap by 2020 .

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  • Zeno3

    I was shocked when I saw Claudia Winklemans 400k +. How on earth she gets paid that amount astonishes me.

  • Deplorable Ulsterman

    This is nothing but the BBC trying to distract from the pi55-take of sheer absurdity of the salaries by re-parroting their usual misandric and civilizationally destructive values as if they are somehow virtuous.

    The real issue is that the BBC (and most of the other mainstream media) are the single greatest destructive threat to the very existence of the British people and needs to be destroyed completely.

  • Surveyor

    400 grand a year is hardly subsistence level is it? Compared to the other members of BBC floor staff, including men, it’s a small fortune.

  • ElamLayor

    Up with this we will not put!!!

  • ElamLayor

    It’s not really a gender issue is it,but whether anyone is entitled to these ridiculous payments

  • murdockp

    Equality is putting in the same hours and effort and men and women receiving the same pay. We all agree on this.

    Then why do the Women in Wimbledon get the same pay as men for putting in half the effort. i.e best of 3 sets for women and best of 5 sets for men. It makes little or no sense.

  • The worm!

    For me it’s not even that.

    It’s the fact that all these ridiculous salaries are being paid by an organisation which I am legally bound to subscribe to every year, whether I wish to avail of the “service” which they provide or not.

    That’s the real scandal!

  • ElamLayor

    Absolutely – My response to Korhomme earlier;

    Except that the BBC can’t be termed “a major company” in any meaningfull
    way when 19 people (disproportionally female and working class) per
    working day go through the Courts here for non payment and acquire a
    criminal record, and if they can’t pay, a prison sentence.Set against
    that the payments to Nolan,Evans,Lineker et al are obscene.”‘stars’ on
    the cheap” my arse.

  • Croiteir

    It is well worth it to ensure the governments agenda and perspective is broadcast to counter alternative facts

  • JohnTheOptimist

    What percentage of moderators and posters on Slugger are women?

  • Gopher

    You have got to love the mindset of the left, they are fleecing the the poorest in society pumping out bias on an industrial scale through the BBC and try to change the arguement to gender equality. I dont care what sex is fleecing me Im still getting fleeced. The BBC needs privatized then they can pay whatever they want to whatever sex they want. Those wages are beyond a joke. 500k for Nolan would actually be funny if it was not my money.

  • the rich get richer

    Some of the Women and many more of the Men are getting paid far too much…….

    Some Austerity for this lot would be a good move……..

    I thought we were all in this together………….

  • aquifer

    The Murdochs, Tories, and their DUP fellow travellers are out to destroy the BBC.

    Paying the market rate for stars is fake news.

    Though Channel 4 news is great at bringing through able female presenters. We like your ties Jon but it may be time for some gardening. Some older huffy vain male news presenters on BBC look like being on national TV is beneath them.

  • aquifer

    Tune into TV anywhere else and repent.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Of course BBC2 first broadcast Adan Curtis’ important critique of the culture of advertising and political manipulation of there community, “The Century of the Self”:

  • SeaanUiNeill

    All in this together but the one percent, and of course their front men (and a few women) in the “celebrity culture”. I certainly don’t believe that anyone is actually worth two million because of their “talent”, especially when people are homeless or require feed banks to feed themselves, but the media “wealthy” are the equivalent of people sleeping in doorways to the genuinely wealthy who are very careful to keep their names and faces out of the media.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Aye. I travel a lot for work and the only place I’ve ever found TV to be semi palatable is New Zealand (where I’d watch old BBC and C4 stuff).

    In the US or Canada I wouldn’t even turn on the box at all.

  • Barneyt

    Federrer only played three sets in each round.
    How do you measure a 3 sets to 0 win for a man with a 2 sets to 1 win for women? Its the same effort, however you could argue that the third set in womens tennis requires much more effort and has more stress attached to it. If a man loses the third set, he has more opportunities to recover and progress. For a woman, a third set loss means Its over

    Also not that most tournaments outside the grandslams are based on three sets of men and women.

  • DOUG

    That’s an entirely separate discussion.
    The point of this one is that – if you can judge that anyone is worth that much, why is the highest paid woman on the list so far behind her male colleagues.

  • DOUG

    So if the women’s final goes to a tie breaker and the mens finishes in a 3 set whitewash you’d be ok with it then?

  • runnymede

    I see the BBC has been quite smart at re-framing this as a gender issue, rather than an issue of appalling waste of license-payers’ money.

  • Zeno3

    Quite funny thought that the guardians of super political correctness have been found to be hypocrites in their treatment of women.

  • DOUG

    Or alternatively there clearly IS gender issue alongside the wastage ( as well as a class and an ethnicity issue ) that also needs to be addressed.

  • Glenn

    Did I hear from all places the BBC that they like the CCMS are exempt from employment equality legislation??? How very PC. Nolan also gets public money for his own production firm that produce his TV show, now that’s really PC. Was there not a BBC Panarama program on British firms giving bungs to middle eastern gents for work?? If the cap fits and all that.

  • 05OCT68

    I’ts difficult to consider any person on £400k plus as being hard done by.

  • 05OCT68

    Re: the CCMS see the “The exception of teachers from the fair employment & treatment (NI) order 1998.

  • npbinni

    Could it be that men are better at negotiating their worth than women? Just wondering…

  • ElamLayor

    Hi Rup!

  • murdockp

    I don’t care much for tennis. My point is equality requires the same parameters of performance in everything in life other wise it is not equality.

  • murdockp

    Did you see what Giselle was paid. No male model came even close to her earnings.