Tory-DUP deal reached

Very briefly… source for all information is the Guardian as that was the first place I could find with the detailed documents!

The agreement

The short version is that the DUP will vote with the Government on the Queen’s Speech, the budget, all finance and money bills, supply and appropriation legislation and Estimates.

In return, the Government agreed:

  • No change to pensions triple lock and Winter Fuel Payment
  • 2% of GDP on armed forces as per NATO commitment
  • Implementation of Armed Forces Covenant throughout the UK
  • Consider options to support Reserve Forces in NI
  • Recognise importance of NI Agriculture sector and opportunities for growth that exist [very meaningful – Ed] indeed, but they’ve committed to meet the same cash total in farm support for the rest of this Parliament

The document ends with affirming support for the Union and the Belfast Agreement and its successors and close cooperation with the Irish Government. The DUP commits itself to agreeing the formation of an Executive [on their own terms? – Ed] Oh shhhh… they will not be involved in the UK Government’s role in the talks, but rather only as a party entitled to form part of an Executive.

The money


  • £200m per year for two years for York Street Interchange and other priorities (total £400m)
  • £75m per year for two years for ultra-fast broadband (total £550m)
  • Commitment on the future UK Shared Prosperity Fund
  • Greater cooperation on economic growth
  • Promoting Foreign Direct Investment
  • Work towards devolution of Corporation Tax rates [how to give the money back? – Ed]
  • City deals and Enterprise zones for NI
  • Report on impact of VAT and APD on tourism
  • £20m per year for five years to target severe deprivation (total £650m)

Health and education

  • £50m per year for two years for immediate pressures (total £750m)
  • £100m per year for two years for Bengoa (total £900m)
  • £10m per year for five years for mental health [what about autism? – Ed] (total £1bn)

Previous allocations

Any money left over from previous allocations [surely not – Ed] – apparently up to £500m – can be dispersed flexibly within this Spending Review Period.


The UK Government to work with all parties towards the implementation of Stormont House for better outcomes for victims and survivors, and not to have an unfair focus on former members of the Armed Forces or the police.