15 step approach to ‘frauding up’ an invisible negotiations strategy, the Northern Ireland way…

I’m a bit late coming to this (pace Allison in the Irish News), but given the poor ratio of speculation to fact about the Con-DUP deal, this is decent guide to the glacial pace of negotiations in Stormont (and London) from former DUP spad, Richard Bullick, who has now been released into the wild:

Punch and Judy would not be in it.

  • Brian Walker

    First David Campbell rubbishes the UUPs. Now the once all-powerful Richard Bullick sends up his old masters the DUPs. Both show disillusion and dark wit in equal measure. They should do standup together. What does Buick think of his old party now? Is it so very different from when he was on board?

    Meanwhile who’s left to advise the parties? And who is the Shinners’ laughing boy or girl?

  • mickfealty

    I’m really not sure the DUP is the butt of his ‘humour’ here Brian. I hesitate to guess which moves retrofit to which players, but I think that reference to holding up other parties whilst negotiations happen elsewhere certainly fits what happened at (and more importantly after) St Andrews.

  • mickfealty

    All that said, I would dearly love to know who did what. CCing Barney into supposedly confidential correspondence was a particularly audacious move on someone’s part. 😉