Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland should have a say in the Brexit negotiations- Labour

Keir Starmer the former English director of public prosecutions who is Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary has written an “ exclusive “ for the New European paper headlined, “We’ll give Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales their say on Brexit’ says Keir Starmer. It sounded great when I heard about it but it took me took me a couple of reads to find what turned out to be an anticlimax.

..we will have the confidence to bring Parliament into the Brexit process, not push it away, and to work with the devolved administrations to make sure Brexit works for all parts of the country.

Starmer is trying to flesh out a negotiating position more meaningful that May’s “ best possible deal.”

A Labour Government will take a different approach – resetting our relationship with the EU, rejecting no deal as a viable option and setting out new negotiating priorities that have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the single market and the customs union.

That’s more like it. Perhaps he’ll develop it in interviews. But who’s around at Stormont to form an agreed position and take part?