Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland should have a say in the Brexit negotiations- Labour

Keir Starmer the former English director of public prosecutions who is Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary has written an “ exclusive “ for the New European paper headlined, “We’ll give Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales their say on Brexit’ says Keir Starmer. It sounded great when I heard about it but it took me took me a couple of reads to find what turned out to be an anticlimax.

..we will have the confidence to bring Parliament into the Brexit process, not push it away, and to work with the devolved administrations to make sure Brexit works for all parts of the country.

Starmer is trying to flesh out a negotiating position more meaningful that May’s “ best possible deal.”

A Labour Government will take a different approach – resetting our relationship with the EU, rejecting no deal as a viable option and setting out new negotiating priorities that have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the single market and the customs union.

That’s more like it. Perhaps he’ll develop it in interviews. But who’s around at Stormont to form an agreed position and take part?

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  • DaptoDogs

    Still, in British constitutional terms, it’s already a vastly superior position to the Tory’s Westminster (really CCO) centrism.

  • Marcus Orr

    “rejecting no deal as a viable option”
    This is optimistic claptrap – so many people have still not cottoned on to the fact that there is not going to be a negotiation, but rather a EU diktat on terms to the UK.
    In the current climate, it is crucially important that the UK govt. get the message out there that they’re prepared to walk away from discussions if things start to get silly (and things have already got very silly – 100 million leaving fee as penalty, sovereignty of Gibralter – that territory that the locals voted 99% to remain British just a few years ago- to Spain – nice democracy that from the EU superstate, eh?).
    Just as a side issue, why are we in Northern Ireland (a region in which it is prohibited by the nice democratic British Labour Party to even become a member, unlike other areas, such as e.g. New York in the US – last time I looked a foreign country) even discussing an issue question put forward by a Party (Labour) which refuses to recognise the right of Northern Irish people to join and canvass for this party ?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Of course, Marcus, negotiations will be “a EU diktat on terms to the UK”. The UK is wanting their cake after eating it! Needing it rather, because we have little to offer the world except financial services, and a major market for this brokering product IS Europe. This is what almost half a century of a particular kind of economic engagement, with the surrender of major areas of sovereignty will do. Westminster is not negotiating from a position of any strength, and will have to accept what they are offered, or not, (which as “real people” like Jeremy can see) will clearly mean we will always come off worse.

    “Ninety-six percent of those who voted in Gibraltar wanted the UK to remain in the EU”, so perhaps the “EU superstate” is not being all that undemocratic.

  • aquifer

    The SFDUP double act is a busted flush, they could just consult some opinion polls.

  • Korhomme

    In what way would ‘no deal’ be good for N Ireland? That surely would mean a very hard border.

  • hgreen

    Hokum. No deal is the worst possible deal. N.Ireland folk can join the Labour Party, so more Brexshiter claptrap.

  • my hero Che

    Am I missing something here????
    To remain / secure the benefits of the single market and the customs union is quite simply, one signs up to the E.U.rules. Not to onerous !!!!! ER!!!! are these not the very rules that the British Referendum vote in essens REJECTED.

  • the rich get richer

    Northern Ireland should do as who ever pays the Piper says……..

    If you can’t earn your Keep …………..Keep your mouth shut…………..

  • Paul Hagan

    I joined Labour Northern Ireland over 10 years ago, there are now over 2,000 members. There are also members in other countries, including a branch in New York. The Party HQ however does not yet stand candidates for election in NI though. If you’d like to join, send me your details and get a membership form over to you!

  • MainlandUlsterman

    I supported you guys until recently but was dismayed by the enthusiastic pro-Corbyn vote last year. Given his views on N Ireland, how can LPNI stand by him?

  • Paul Hagan

    A good question

  • MainlandUlsterman

    how did the vote come about?

  • Chris Morris

    Gibraltar is the ultimate example of the have cake and eat it attitude. The EU has tolerated a tax and regulation haven on its doorstep, to the detriment of its members, to keep the UK sweet. There is no case for this to continue post Brexit.

  • lizmcneill

    Like those parts of England that voted for Brexit and then complained they would lose their EU subsidies?