Is there an election coming up?

I took the end of last week for half term. That meant minimal social media, no newspapers and not watching or listening to the news.

It was a happy couple of days in a little bubble known as the real world. In that world, there is very little inkling that there is an election coming up. Imagine! Even when out and about, Lagan Valley is a poster-free zone so how normal voters who aren’t generally about to watch political programmes or read any Slugger blogs, are going to find out about #AE17 is looming is beyond me.

There is certainly no sign of any canvassers out in the sticks of Lagan Valley, so it’s lucky I wasn’t waiting in so that I can quiz my wannabe MLAs about their manifestos (obviously DUP will be avoiding all contact after their manifesto launch just in case anyone does try to ask any awkward questions to which the answer isn’t Gerry Adams).

Speaking of the DUP, I did get a letter from the former First Minister (Gerry mentioned three times from memory) but to be honest, her sectarian rhetoric really isn’t my thing. At least I read her letter before carefully recycling it.

An Alliance leaflet appeared through the door too. It was very yellow and had a lot of words. Unfortunately I didn’t get to read it as the nearly five year old spilt her milk over it. To be honest, I was more annoyed about the waste of milk.

And that’s been about it. Two leaflets, no posters (I’m not counting the sneaky picture of Edwin Poots on a trailer at Sprucefield) and not a canvasser to be had.

There may be some surprised people in Lagan Valley come 2 March if the parties don’t up their game and actually engage with the voters who they would like to represent. Of course they first have to listen, but that’s for another day.

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  • file

    The best (funniest) leaflet so far has been the Drain The Swamp TUV one, but maybe you have no Trump wannabes standing in Lagan Valley? In second place comes the Pro-Life leaflet with tis advice to perm any three from SDLP, TUV and UUP – that would really confuse those who analyse transfers.

  • James McMordie

    I don’t know where you live in LV but I have personally been out and canvassed Maghaberry, Hillsborough, Drumbo, Drumbeg and parts of Lisburn. I was also on a series of delivery runs before that. Check out Robbie Butler’s videos on twitter/facebook to see all the places he’s covered so far.

  • Korhomme

    Lagan Valley is a poster-free zone

    Come west, beyond the Bann and the Blackwater; plenty of posters here.

  • Msiegnaro

    I’m not finding much substance with Butler. In addition to this his videos tend to be clickbait and I’m still unsure as to what his views on vote transfers are.

  • Msiegnaro

    Do you not feel the swamp needs drained?

  • file

    We do not elect a president/dictator with power to drain the swamp. And it should be more local: we do not have swamps: what about, concrete over the Bog Meadows?

  • David

    Unlike the DUP ‘substance’ which basically consists of screaming ‘Gerry Adams!’ every five minutes and resolutely ignoring RHI. Inspirational stuff.

  • Msiegnaro

    Let’s not get involved in whataboutery, what has Butler to offer beyond clickbait videos.

  • David

    I have no idea what Butler has to offer, but it could hardly be less cynical or dispiriting than the tiresome ‘project fear’ nonsense the DUP are peddling.

  • Msiegnaro

    He’s completely ineffective, let’s stick to the case in point rather than going on about the DUP..

  • David

    The ‘case in point’ is that by suggesting Butler has no substance, you’re suggesting that the DUP campaign does.

  • Msiegnaro

    I never mentioned the DUP. Butler has achieved nothing and spends all his time putting up candyfloss videos. Amazingly Jenny Palmer who has some substance is favourite to lose her seat.

  • David

    Whereas Arlene has achieved what exactly?

  • Petrus Hibernus

    Does canvassing actually change anyone’s vote? Has this been formally studied and analysed?

  • Toaster

    SF will do really well this election. Ordinary people see just how hardworking they are in everyday life, delivering for their constituents. Expect SF to take more and more from the SDLP who are seen and a bunch of oldies against such a vibrant youthful SF team

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Has anyone yet noticed the continuity of “Drain the Swamp” rhetoric here?

  • Zorin001

    Frankly neither does the United States but it sure sounded good.