Jonathan Bell to stand as an independent in Strangford #ae17

Former DUP Minister, Jonathan Bell announced on Nolan this morning that he is standing as an independent in the Strangford constituency

Bell received 3,393 first preferences in 2016 and was elected on the 3rd seat.

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  • steve white

    vote for the guy who wouldn’t stand up to spads or ministers? when it counted.

  • Jag

    and vote for the guy who is now calling for 2nd preference votes to be given to the party which designed & implemented the RHI scheme.

    I know it’s not their natural constituency but I’d love to see People Before Pellets standing a candidate.

  • grumpy oul man

    On Nolan he said he was still a member of the DUP, yet he’s standing as a independent.
    You couldnt make it up.
    I have a question, i seem to remember that. the election after Arlene and Jeffry jumped ship from the UUP all DUP candidates if elected had to leave a substantial sum with the party.
    This sum was to be kept by the party if any MLA done. Arrlene or Jeffry and jumped to another party.
    Is my memory correct or playing tricks on me.
    If i am right maybe Johny wants sacked.

  • the rich get richer

    Keep her Lit Jonathan……………….

  • Teddybear

    People Before Pellets

  • Westie tyrone

    Your might be rite .its a joke .as i say army service .i know wee jeffery done 2 weeks in the udr .and hes are war hero .theres only 2 good folks in lagan valley butler and brenda hale and pat the sdlp man the rest are not worth the power would shot them .