Candidates running in #ae17 Part 2

In my first installment I focused on the parties running across Northern Ireland, here are some of the other parties running in a few constituencies.

People Before Profit (6 candidates)

West Belfast- Gerry Carroll, Michael Collins

North Belfast- Fiona Ferguson

Foyle-Eamonn McCann

South Belfast- Pádraigín Mervyn

South Antrim- Ivanka Antova

Workers Party (4 candidates)

North Belfast-Gemma Weir

South Belfast- Lily Kerr

West Belfast- Conor Campbell

Mid Ulster-Hugh Scullion

Traditional Unionist Voice (13 candidates)

North Antrim-Jim Allister, Timothy Gaston

Lagan Valley-Sammy Morrison

Mid Ulster – Hannah Loughrin

South Belfast – John Hiddleston

East Belfast – Councillor Andrew Girvin

Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Alex Elliott

East Antrim – Ruth Wilson

East Londonderry – Jordan Armstrong

South Down – Lyle Rea

South Antrim – Richard Cairns

Strangford – Councilor Stephen Cooper

Upper Bann – Roy Ferguson

Progressive Unionist Party (3 candidates)

North Belfast- Julie Ann Corr-Johnston

East Belfast-John Kyle

East Derry-Russell Watton

NI Conservatives (13 candidates)

North Down- Frank Shiver

Belfast East- Sheila Bodel

East Londonderry- David Harding

Strangford-Scott Benton

Lagan Valley- Matt Robinson

Belfast South- George Jabbour

East Antrim-  Alan Dunlop

South Antrim-Mark Logan

Upper Bann-Ian Nichols

Foyle- Stuart Canning

South Down-Gary Hynds

Fermanagh/South Tyrone Richard Dunn

West Tyrone- Roger Lomas

Labour Alternative (4 candidates)

South Belfast- Sean Burns

East Belfast-Courtney Robinson

Fermanagh/South Tyrone- Donal O’Cofaigh

East Antrim- Conor Sheridan

CISTA (4 candidates)

West Tyrone-Barry Brown

Foyle-John Lindsay

Upper Bann- Martin Kelly

Newry and Armagh- Emmet Crossan