Candidates running in #ae17 Part 2

In my first installment I focused on the parties running across Northern Ireland, here are some of the other parties running in a few constituencies.

People Before Profit (6 candidates)

West Belfast- Gerry Carroll, Michael Collins

North Belfast- Fiona Ferguson

Foyle-Eamonn McCann

South Belfast- Pádraigín Mervyn

South Antrim- Ivanka Antova

Workers Party (4 candidates)

North Belfast-Gemma Weir

South Belfast- Lily Kerr

West Belfast- Conor Campbell

Mid Ulster-Hugh Scullion

Traditional Unionist Voice (13 candidates)

North Antrim-Jim Allister, Timothy Gaston

Lagan Valley-Sammy Morrison

Mid Ulster – Hannah Loughrin

South Belfast – John Hiddleston

East Belfast – Councillor Andrew Girvin

Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Alex Elliott

East Antrim – Ruth Wilson

East Londonderry – Jordan Armstrong

South Down – Lyle Rea

South Antrim – Richard Cairns

Strangford – Councilor Stephen Cooper

Upper Bann – Roy Ferguson

Progressive Unionist Party (3 candidates)

North Belfast- Julie Ann Corr-Johnston

East Belfast-John Kyle

East Derry-Russell Watton

NI Conservatives (13 candidates)

North Down- Frank Shiver

Belfast East- Sheila Bodel

East Londonderry- David Harding

Strangford-Scott Benton

Lagan Valley- Matt Robinson

Belfast South- George Jabbour

East Antrim-  Alan Dunlop

South Antrim-Mark Logan

Upper Bann-Ian Nichols

Foyle- Stuart Canning

South Down-Gary Hynds

Fermanagh/South Tyrone Richard Dunn

West Tyrone- Roger Lomas

Labour Alternative (4 candidates)

South Belfast- Sean Burns

East Belfast-Courtney Robinson

Fermanagh/South Tyrone- Donal O’Cofaigh

East Antrim- Conor Sheridan

CISTA (4 candidates)

West Tyrone-Barry Brown

Foyle-John Lindsay

Upper Bann- Martin Kelly

Newry and Armagh- Emmet Crossan

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  • CatholicLeft

    What about Cllr Kevin McAteer in Newry and Armagh? Elected as SDLP, he’s standing for PBP.

  • Jag

    Still can’t believe there is NO-ONE being fielded by TUV in north Belfast.

  • NMS

    More Trots unwilling to go under their normal moniker. “Labour Alternative” = Socialist Party, or Militant as was.

  • NMS
  • Westie tyrone

    wish roger lomas all the best in west tyrone ,hes a gentle man ,

  • Msiegnaro

    Surprised the TUV are fielding so many candidates, besides Allister does anyone have a reasonable chance?

    I have heard that Elliott in FST is proving a viable alternative to DUP/UUP but unsure if this will translate into votes.

  • Westie tyrone

    its some risk ,for the tuv in north antrim ,he polled 5500 ,1st per votes last may ,the quota is somewere round 7000 ,this time ,they need 14000 ,or BIT LESS TOO GET HIM AND HIS RUNNING MATE GASTON ,IN ,THE DUP VOTE NEEDS TOO NOSE DRIVE ,BIG STYLE ,IF IT DOES NOT ,THE DUP COULD SNEAK , A THIRD SEAT ,INTERESTING ,BUT IT ALL DEPENDS ON TURN OUT ,

  • mac tire

    Not from what I hear. He has pulled out.

  • roverminirwin
  • mjh

    Yes it is strange – even though they did have a low vote in the constituency last year.

    They don’t appear to have any real chance of winning an Assembly seat outside of North Antrim. So putting up candidates elsewhere is all about building their vote for future elections, and especially defending council seats. By my reckoning they have council representation in 7 constituencies and are standing in all 7 – except North Belfast despite having a councillor in Court and another in Macedon.

    They are even putting up candidates in 5 constituencies where they have no councillors.

  • CatholicLeft

    Poor fellow; sensible to put his mental health first.

  • Teddybear

    election prediction:

    People Before Profit : 3
    Profit Before People : 87

  • Gaygael

    Very bad strategy. Did they learn nothing from last May?

  • notimetoshine

    I suppose it depends on how much the TUV can really push the whole RHI thing. For DUP voters who wouldn’t countenance moving to UUP or others but are angry with the DUP, the TUV has to be a viable option. If Allister plays it right (and he is a consumate politician) he could cause a big upset.

  • Granni Trixie

    Will the SDLP or PBP take over his place on council?

  • North Down

    He’s good but only a one man show( tuv,) independents and smaller parties are a waste of a vote (apart for local elections ) so you have for government sdlp sf uup dup, and the dup are still the best out of a bad bunch

  • notimetoshine

    I was thinking more within his constituency. God good can you imagine the TUV with some clout? Out of the frying pan into the fire.

    Says something if the DUP is the best of the bunch. And frankly with the RHI shambles I couldn’t possibly imagine they can lay claim to the title of best.

  • North Down

    Terrorists or a party which didn’t watch closely to their spads, the dup will not make the same mistake with the spads and civil servants who are below them, I will give them one more chance

  • AntrimGael

    Yeah, yeah who are you trying to kid? RHI/NAMA/RED SKY/CHARTER NI etc doesn’t matter a jot for Unionism. You will ALWAYS DUP to keep Declan and Nuala in their place.

  • AntrimGael

    I think PBP will eat into the SF vote in North Belfast and prevent them getting two seats. Now that it’s a 5 seater the margins will favour 2 Nationalist and 3 non Nationalist. 1 SF, 1SDLP, 2 DUP and a fight for the last between the DUP, Alliance and SF with maybe Alliance sneaking it. Are the UUP even running in North Belfast?

  • Dan

    Vote for Dickson or Donnelly.
    Two comfortably middle class middle aged white blokes.
    They do love their slogans in Alliance, don’t they?

  • Skibo

    If the vote is carried on down the line, will it make that much difference.

  • notimetoshine

    Well for me personally never Sinn Finn, violence should never be given a door into politics.

    However I could never vote or support DUP. They have nothing but disgust for people like me (as they so often make clear) and wish nothing but a cold house for me in our society, and that’s before I get into my being from a nationalist background.

    But you have swallowed the DUP line hook line and sinker. If a minister is installed responsible for their department what exactly do they do? And I don’t think the civil servants should have to take the slack for party political reasons. Those SPADs are DUP SPADs operating under DUP ministers. They are at fault and had they held their hands up and replaced Arlene, as would have happened in the rest of the UK we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.

    Not to mention that in general the DUP governing record is shockingly poor, they have had plenty of time to get things in order but never seem to quite be able to.

  • aperfectstorm1

    Maybe they know something the rest of us don’t?

  • aperfectstorm1

    Does it bother you that the DP have been accused of consorting with ‘terrorists’ ?

  • North Down

    No, never heard of a dup or even a uup mp, supporting the uda or uvf terrorist , sf mp’s were terrorists and still can’t say the Ira campaign was wrong , big difference

  • mac tire

    Not actually sure, Granni. It’s a good question.

  • mac tire

    Too easy. There is plenty more.

  • North Down

    Your first point is good, the fast majority of the dup don’t have disgust for you, this cold house crap is sf propaganda , I will agree the way they put things across can come across very aggressive, uniounsts are never good with there words (we all no that) for me and the dup know there is thousands of catholics who agree in a lot of things they say, and would vote for them , but as you say they come across as a cold house for catholics, maybe Ian junior can fix that, or you might say and pigs can fly

  • North Down

    Charter ni is micky mouse compered to what republicans got to keep the peace,

  • aperfectstorm1

    Have you googled Frank McCoubrey?

  • North Down

    Yes west Belfast , says what he did was wrong and should never have happened,

  • AntrimGael

    Or YouTubed the funerals of Loyalist terrorist Godfathers like John Bingham which was attended by senior Unionist politicians.

  • AntrimGael

    What about the Third Force? Ulster Resistance? Maybe some senior Unionists could shed light on where are the 300 weapons Ulster Resistance got as part of the South African and Israeli arms shipment? Many of them were used to murder dozens of innocent Catholics and the guns have NEVER been recovered.

  • North Down

    I wasn’t born then, the dup back then distance themselves when it got out of hand , growing up the 3 main parties who condemned killings were the uup dup and the sdlp, I still haven’t heard a dup mp saying what the uvf or uda did was right, not when I was growing up , I take kavin breslin views on board he couldnt vote sf because of there past

  • aperfectstorm1

    …. and what’s this?

  • notimetoshine

    I’m not sure I made myself clear in my last post sorry. The DUP will never have anything but disgust for me because I’m gay. Therefore I’m not welcome in their pious plan for Northern Ireland and will never be. Their words and actions make that abundantly clear. That’s why I have nothing but a visceral contempt for the DUP and their supporters.

    As for those from a nationalist community I agree with you. In theory the only hope for unionism long term is that the parties make themselves attractive to the many many people from the nationalist community (call them cultural nationalists if you will) who are happy with the constitutional status quo. (Though that may not be the case depending on how brexit turns out). They are as a rule not far off it on bread and butter issues, but the nationalist community is far more liberal when it comes to ‘issues of personal morality’. The nationalist community is very much post church, mirroring the electorate in the republic and oddly the general UK electorate.

    As you say it’s a presentation problem. But maybe, just maybe , once the Gregory Campbells of this world give way things may change.

  • North Down

    As I’ve said I wasn’t born , back then they was anger and yes when it got out of control the dup turned there back, as I’ve said growing up I never heard the uup dup sdlp surpporting killings,

  • North Down

    It’s not that they hate gays, it’s that marriage should be between man and woman, alot of catholics whould agree with them especially west of the ban , and there is a lot of gays who would agree that marriage should be between man and woman, but I can see your point y most gays would hate them, rest of your post is spot on your will tuned in

  • Adam Crawford

    calls people thick.
    Supports the left.

  • North Down

    dup wii get a seat in West Tyrone can the uup get the other one

  • AntrimGael

    Oh stop it you’re just showing off now with all those facts and on the record events.

  • AntrimGael

    OK North Down call it! Will the DUP suffer for RHI amongst the Unionist electorate?

  • North Down

    No, they should get 32-34 seats,

  • North Down

    Yes , a few unionists the ones who you are talking about when it got out of hand turned their back and ran off when things got out of hand,next 40 years were against all killings, ira killed hundreds of catholics and still people stick up and vote for them

  • aperfectstorm1

    Even if they do there is only one place those transfers are going and that is right back to nationalism. The Non Unionist vote in NB is 53% according to 2016 so I agree we might see Alliance squeeze through. However, even a small Republican surge will see the Shinners take two seats with Alliance and the SDLP fighting for the fifth seat. The Demographics in that area are going in just one direction so it will be interesting to see how it shakes down. Robert Foster is standing for UUP.

  • aperfectstorm1

    Not a chance

  • notimetoshine

    Oh I think they do hate us I’m afraid. I wish it weren’t so. Sick perverts, freaks, evil, abnormal etc. The evidence abounds. It’s not their fault really, they are so dogmatically entrenched in their religion that the world is a scary place to them.
    And I do take your point about those Catholics, but the last couple of polls have shown huge support amongst Catholics and nationalists for gay marriage, and that is a trend that will only continue upwards I think. Most likely as a result of the almost total loss of authority moral and otherwise that the Catholic church faces.

    What is needed is a pro union party instead of a ‘unionist’ party. I’ve always felt (and NI is no exception) that ideology is the most useless part of politics, it would be so much better if we could have a movement towards pragmatic thinking on policy. The problem with NI unionism is, our political system is so febrile that any pro unionism party would inevitably be be labelled with that most damaging of honorifics, a Lundy.

    Any true movement reaching out to nationalists would involve sacrifices, some of which might hurt some very sacred unionist cows. The other unionist parties would destroy them in vitro. Interestingly of the unionist parties around, the PUP would be closest in culture and approach to make real efforts to reach out, though their background like SF makes that highly problematic.

  • aperfectstorm1

    Try being an Immigrant Gay Black Catholic Shinner, then you will see a DUPer collapse into a heart stopping pit of disgust.

  • aperfectstorm1

    The vast MAJORITY of NI citizens support equal marraige. The DUP are waaaaay behind the curve on that one.

  • North Down

    so way do so many still vote dup knowing that the dup tell the people before election that they will block the vote on equal marriage

  • aperfectstorm1

    70% of the electorate do not vote for DUP. The only reason equal marraige can be blocked by them is because of the petition of concern. Essentially it is just another example of extreme Unionism blocking the rights of those who have a different view.

  • aperfectstorm1

    They do hate us, I am with you sister.

  • Msiegnaro

    We voted a non existent MP in for three terms and a violent terrorist who was serving time to represent us at the height of the troubles. We also had one of the rudest most ignorant MPs elected for several terms on a pact deal. That’s not to mention the raft of incompetent councillors and MLAs we elect each term. However it should be noted that Tyrone is equally as bad voting in poor calibre candidates.

  • AntrimGael

    You are so naive or deluded. When Loyalists declared their ceasefire in 1994 many of them said that Unionist politicians told them NOT to go on ceasefire and to continue their campaign. Ulster Resistance wasn’t 40 years ago, it was 1986, and it’s ramifications are still felt today. Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Ormeau Road bookies shootings. The guns used by the UDA/British Intelligence were believed to gave been part of the Ulster Resistance weaponry.
    Oh by the way you are intelligent enough so Google or YouTube the funerals of Loyalist paramilitaries and look at the number of mainstream Unionist politicians who attended them. David Ervine stated many times that throughout the Troubles Unionist politicians regularly met Loyalist paramilitaries while Johnny Adair in his book said that the UDA, especially his C Company group, in their psychopathic campaign against the Catholic community, received help and advice from right across the PUL community particularly from Unionist politicians.

  • AntrimGael

    I am from North Belfast and know the area. I agree the demographics are going one way as the new builds in Dunmore, Girdwood, Cavehill, Torrens, North Queen Street etc show BUT in North Belfast it’s still a young Nationalist population who can’t vote yet with an older Unionist one that can. Apathy, disinterest and anger are also Sinn Fein’s big problem here too. I still go 2 Nationalist 3 Unionist at the minute with Caral Ni Chulainn in possible trouble.

  • the keep

    The TUV in North Antrim will only elect in Allister. It will be a straight fight between the UUP and the DUP for the last seat.

  • the keep

    No they wont suffer if SF had been cute they would used the RHI and Corruption issue however they went down another line which will help prop up the DUP.

  • the keep

    The DUP and UUP certainly consorted with terrorists however they never became terrorists unlike many members of SF.

  • North Down

    There lies the problem why do tens of thousands of catholics support sf a party which went hand in hand with the ira, who killed many people hundreds of catholics and loads of children, you know that majority of prodestants couldn’t support the pup because of the link with terrorism, fact is the majority of people I know who vote in their 30s don’t even know about the ulster resistance, most people voted for parties against killings, but sf supporters have to bring up what about bloody Sunday what about the ulster resistance, to try to justify y they support a party heavily linked with terrorism . Ask the question why do thousands and thousands of catholics support a part heavily linked with terrorism and still can’t say it was wrong ,

  • North Down

    Wrong, did you not know a lot of sdlp and others didn’t vote on the matter because they knew the dup would block it, it would have been defeated if the POC wasn’t there,

  • David

    ”Save Ulster from sodomy”, ”homosexuality is worse than child abuse”, ”hurricanes caused by gays”, ”I am repulsed by gays.” Recognise any of those?

    The DUP block equal marriage despite the rest of the UK and the ROI having it, despite numerous polls showing a large majority of the public in favour, despite a majority of MLAs voting for it last time.

    And they don’t hate gays? The party you support are full-on homophobic.

  • Gaygael

    Two relevant points.

    The DUP have opposed every single piece of legislation on LGBT equality. From decriminalisation right through to marriage.

    To pretend that they only oppose marriage is disingenuous at best and will fully ignorant at worst. This is the worst type of revision by homophobes, they always pretend that they only oppose the most recent step to equality, when in fact they have opposed every single one.

    In addition, the DUP deliberately mislead the electorate in advance of May 2016. They said regarding the petition of concern on marriage that they will cross this bridge when they come to it. They couched this with reference to the agreed protocol from Fresh Start on their use.

    It was October October before Arlene, in her breathtaking arrogance said they will use the PofC to block any legislation.

  • Gaygael

    When you have a 2 sitting councillors whose DEA’s fall fully or partially into the constituency, you must run a candidate. In order to grow your vote or shore it up for re-election to said council seats, you should be running a candidate. Even a paper one.
    No wonder the DUP are unassailable amongst unionism.

  • North Down

    Mla’s would vote against it, people didn’t bother turning up because they knew the dup would block it , because people don’t think homosexuality is natural they can’t have an a opinion, if they do they are the worst people ever

  • North Down

    The equlaity vote on gay mariage would have been blocked without poc, mep’s didn’t turn up because they new the dup would block it, and they would have voted against it,media never bring that up

  • David

    The fact is the majority of MLAs didn’t vote against it, nor should they have, given the clear majority of the public in favour. 97% of the UK and 100% of the ROI have equal marriage and society clearly hasn’t collapsed as a result.

    You don’t think homosexuality is ‘natural’? Yet thousands of gay people are born every day. They deserve the same rights as others and denying them on the basis of a few cherry-picked bible verses is merely a fig leaf for homophobia. Irrational hatred and morbid interest in the sexuality of consenting adults is what is unnatural here.

    Anyone can have an opinion (however ridiculous), but that doesn’t entitle them to block the majority view or deny rights clearly allowed in the rest of the UK and Ireland.

  • Westie tyrone

    yes they can ,

  • Gaygael

    The fifth vote carried a majority.

    The first vote (lost by 5 but should have been less without Alliance MLAs voting against party policy) would have carried the majority if Alliance and the SDLP hadn’t abdicated their responsibilities to equality and human rights.

    In all 5 votes, the DUP made sure they had a full turn out. Even members that have indicated they are personally in favour and those with LGBT family and friends that want to support it, were present to vote against their own consciences. The DUP refuse to give their own members conscience on this issue.

    The expectation with the last crop of MLA’s elected inMay was 59/60 in favour and 48/49 against. A significant majority.
    Thats 2 Greens, 2 PBP, 8 Alliance, 28 SF, 12 SDLP, 7/8 UUP.

    Likely that some more UUP might abstain.

  • North Down

    I thought only half of alliance voted for it and one uup, sdlp there is a few against it , most who abstained took the easy war out ,they were against it , and the ones who didn’t turn up sdlp , were against it

  • North Down

    So would you allow a sister and brother to become an item, what if they want to be with animals I can go on,not natural , what about pedos are they born that way, people who murder were they born with it in them to kill are is it a choice, and by the way i don’t hate gays , but because I think it’s unnatural am evil

  • Gaygael

    In the November 2015 vote (which finally won a much belated majority due to the ambivalence of Alliance and SDLP) the scores were;
    13/14 from SDLP with 1 abstention.
    7/8 from Alliance with 1 voting against party policy (and never a rebuke from the party)
    1 from UUP and 1 abstention.
    1 Green.
    28 SF.
    1 NI21.
    2 Independent Unionists (Sugden and McAllister)
    53 votes in Favour.

    52 Against.

    51 Unionists agains (almost all of UUP and all DUP)
    1 Alliance.

  • David

    Murder, paedophilia and bestiality are entirely different subjects as they all involve an unwilling partner. Excluding rape, adult homosexuality clearly doesn’t, so why would you equate them?

    You may not ‘hate gays’ (though your equivalence with the above would suggest otherwise). I personally think it’s ‘unnatural’ for you to be interested in the sexuality of others, but I wouldn’t seek to discriminate against you for it.

  • Ryan A

    Wouldn’t call a nurse middle class but whatever fits your view.

  • David

    Sorry but the ‘lack of offspring’ argument was a beaten docket long ago. You’ll need to justify homophobia in some other way.

    An infertile male or female can’t ‘mate’ and neither can older couples. Does this mean they shouldn’t be allowed to marry either? Is marriage entirely about procreation? Should heterosexual couples who choose not to have children have their marriages annulled? That is after all ‘unnatural’ I would assume?

    Have you any other arguments for blocking something which is perfectly legal in the rest of the UK and Ireland?