Dublin Airport – Northern Ireland’s gateway to the world

Yesterday’s announcement that Brussels Airlines are withdrawing their route from Belfast City Airport to Brussels is the latest in a series of setbacks for Northern Ireland’s aviation sector, following the controversy surrounding the termination of United Airlines’ route from Belfast International to Newark.

The habit of throwing government funds at airlines to coax them into flying to Northern Ireland, only for them to pack their bags and leave when the subsidies run out, has become routine. Serious questions must be raised as to whether the Northern Ireland taxpayer is getting value for money from these arrangements, especially given the fact that Northern Ireland already has a world class airport to connect it to the globe: Dublin.

Dublin has a far richer network of airlines and destinations than all of the three Northern Ireland airports (Belfast City, Belfast International & City of Derry) combined. I used data from openflights.org to find out the destinations available, both direct and with a change, from Northern Ireland and Dublin. The data is a couple of years old, so will not reflect new routes since 2015, but still includes the flight from Belfast International to Newark.

The three Northern Ireland airports offered direct flights to 13 countries, and with a change of plane (mostly in London), offered indirect flights to 81 countries. Dublin, by comparison, offered direct flights to 35 countries, and with a change of plane offered destinations in 146 countries (airlines that fly point to point such as easyJet and Ryanair were excluded from the change of plane analysis). The far greater choice of destinations offered by Dublin can be seen quite clearly in the maps below (a black dot denotes a direct destination, a red dot means it can be accessed with one change).

Dublin Airport is an essential link to Northern Ireland’s export markets. The table below shows the top 10 countries for Northern Ireland exports for the first three quarters of 2016. Absent cross border trade, the largest destinations for exports are the United States and Canada. Northern Ireland has no direct all year round flights to anywhere in these countries, whilst Dublin offers dozens of flights a week.

It also offers a far greater choice of flights to destinations in East Asia and the Gulf, which will become of paramount importance following the UK’s exit from the European Union, as local exporters attempt to grow exports to the rest of the world to mitigate against possible impediments to exports to the EU.

The money needlessly wasted subsidizing unviable airline routes would be put to much better use improving access to Dublin Airport, such as improving the safety of the A1, and fixing the bottleneck at Sprucefield. It is also pointless for Northern Ireland to have three airports when one would suffice.

There will always be a demand for flights from Northern Ireland to Britain, and to ferry holidaymakers to destinations such as Mallorca and Malaga. However, the endless subsidies on offer to airlines to induce them to fly to Northern Ireland, only for them to leave when they are expected to stand on their own two feet, is an utter waste of taxpayers’ money.

Dublin Airport is Northern Ireland’s gateway to the world. Instead of throwing more money on the bonfire of public subsidies, policymakers should spend their energies making sure that no post-Brexit border arrangements put barrier-free access to the airport in jeopardy.

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  • Ryan A

    How controversial is it to suggest closing the International and modestly expanding City? Having used Dublin three times recently for routes to Europe I honestly don’t think I’d use the International again; even if it is an extra 45 minutes in the car.

  • lizmcneill

    Is there any room to expand it (especially considering the noise abatement measures City has being so close to Belfast)? There’s nowhere to put a runway perpendicular to the current one which could lead to issues with strong crosswind conditions.

  • Ciarán

    We definitely don’t need two airports in Belfast. I think maybe Aldergrove with a train link would be the best option and further train link to Dublin as the principle long haul airport for the Island.

  • Ryan A

    City serves 2M passengers a year and has only been limited by a seats for sale cap. It’s absoluetly critical to business links with the rest of the UK and the central London airports, including Heathrow vs the cheapseats on offer at Aldergrove. The fact Aldergrove’s leadership spends its time attacking Dublin & Tourism Ireland speaks volumes.

  • scepticacademic

    Well said, esp. re subsidies, VFM and alternative uses for that cash.

  • Gopher

    Dublin has a direct flight to IST and DXB hence the plethora of red dots. It aslo has flights to GDG and AMS. If you dont like kicking about airports waiting on connecting flights, the way to go to Asia and more importantly return is through LHR whether that is from Dublin or Belfast. I prefer to go from Belfast that drive home from Dublin after travelling for a day just does not do it for me. Belfast has got reasonable connections to Heathrow but they need a later last flight from LHR this should be a proirity for our Westminster MP’s.

  • Gopher

    Well the International lies on an trans Atlantic aviation route has a very long runway and the best all weather capability in Ireland so it is not practical with regards emergencies to shut it. If there is a “black swan” natural or enviromental disaster a high capacity all weather airport would be required in the North. Essentially two airports need closed and Im not sure with Brexit the International should be the one to go

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Ryan, if you have to drive from Derry for a 10am flight or a 7pm flight then how long do you think it would take to get to city what with rush hour traffic?

    I understand the appeal of city airport but i think you’d just send more people to Dublin if aldergrove were axed.

    I wish they’d let the airport bus do a loop to a (in the pipeline allegedly) park n ride train station at ballymartin and allow the 212 bus to link up there too.

  • WolfeTone1798

    The “international” is a depressing dump. It is depressing returning to a ramshackle portacabin-type building, then to a baggage control area that wouldn’t look out of place in 1980. It really is embarrassing. Then, in addition, there are no train routes to take you to Belfast and the only road takes you on single carriageway through Templepatrick!!

    People need to get real. Aldergrove is not an international airport- in the same way neither is Bristol, East Midlands or Cork. Stop pretending this is a proper country and get some perspective. There is a huge 2-terminal international airport less than hours away, to which there is a motorway and excellent bus links- for which we should be grateful.

    There is no need for 2 (regional) airports in a city (town) of fewer than 300,000 people. The authorities should make a decision on one airport which, whilst still a comparatively small one, will have a better selection of European routes, train and regular bus links, motorway infrastructure etc.

  • Gopher

    There is a huge airport 50 minutes away with direct flights all round the world without having to go through the Persian Gulf to get to, its called Heathrow. It will be expanded within the next ten years and air travel and the routes through it wil become exponential. Northern Irelands needs a ten year aviation plan to keep pace with developments at Heathrow. I’m not sure exporting jobs to the Republic of Ireland is the way to go but if it is, can we can start in Derry because that is what people are advocating on here. Dublin Airport is there, its not going away while the UK impose passenger duty but in 10 years time Heathrow will be the only game in town.

  • Ryan A

    Market forces would suggest otherwise:
    International £30m Revenue = £500k profit
    City £20m Revnue = £3m profit

  • lizmcneill

    An airport you have to fly to will never be as convenient as one you can drive to.

  • Katyusha

    If you don’t like kicking about airports waiting on connecting flights, the way to go to Asia and more importantly return is through LHR whether that is from Dublin or Belfast.

    Am I missing something here? What difference is there between kicking around Istanbul or Sheremetyevo waiting on a flight, and kicking around Heathrow?

    Aldergrove is not only outdated, its impossible to get a direct flight to much of Europe from, never mind further afield, and Dublin is much easier to reach by public transport from much of NI. That shouldn’t be possible, but with the right sort of mismanagement it is.

  • Roger

    Pretty obvious I’d have thought

  • Roger

    If you are a visa required national visiting UKNI flying into Dublin won’t work most of the time. Visas.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Still needs saying……

  • Katyusha

    Great OP, Mr Donaghy.

    Of course what both Aldergrove and City essentially serve as are not as international airports but as shuttle terminals to GB. This is a role that can be profitable rather than throwing money at airlines to try and maintain the ridiculous pretence of Aldergrove being some kind of international hub. A two-hour drive or bus journey to Dublin is nothing for long-distance travel, and its location north of the city is ideal for NI. I wouldn’t mind an earlier bus service from Derry/Letterkenny to be able to catch the 7am flight to Frankfurt, but knowing what public transport is like here, it’s maybe rich to complain.

    Anyway, the timing of this post is also apt in two respects.
    a) The prospect of border/customs controls returning, impeding access between Northern Ireland and its primary international transport hub

    b) The news that the long-overdue Metro North development may be fast-tracked by two years, finally providing a rail link between Dublin Airport and the city. http://www.thejournal.ie/metro-north-2-3215500-Jan2017/

    I can’t help but wonder if the latter is indirectly linked to rexit as well, to show businesses looking for a new home after London leaves the EU that they are serious about improving transport links in and around the city – one of Dublin’s weaknesses compared to its European competitors, with the lack of a rail link to the airport a obvious gap.

  • Oggins

    What are the numbers of those amount of people and flights into NI?

    Do we know?

    Valid point just trying to quantify it

  • murdockp

    I have long raised this as an issue.

    The problem we have is NI is we have no strategic thinking, we have a strategy of appeasement. NI is incapable of making the correct decision on the big ticket items, as appeasement means we deliver compromise solutions that benefit the few not the many. Look at the Casement park debacle that will in time be as scandalous as RHI we just haven’t got there yet.

    So in the case of airports there culture of appeasement is protecting the interest of the airport owners and the workers, but not the citizens who use it.

    International has a future as a cargo airport / military / emergency landing and that’s it, not passengers.

    Belfast City is just too small and shorthall is incompatible with Brexit and our new post brexit industrial strategy.

    The answer is obvious that one single world class airport with a high speed direct train link to Derry / Belfast is the answer. Probably a budget of £500m, but will in time work out to be a good investment when the economic benefits are measured.

    Access to funding for a proper international airport should be one of the prices of Brexit, but persevering with two not fit for purpose airports is another bonkers policy from Stormont. If the local councils all owned a stake in in like Manchester it could be a great success.

  • lizmcneill

    Where is this funding supposed to come from in a poorer Brexit Britiain? If not for Brexit, the sensible thing to do would be improve the links to the world-class airport that’s already there 90 minutes down the road.

  • murdockp

    I fly bi weekly from Dublin to work in London, I live in Ni and used Belfast International once last year and it was a disgrace, I hated every second of it and the staff are moody jobsworths to boot which made the experience even worse.

    But I acknowledge the benefits of a proper international airport serving 1.7m people no different to Birmingham and I can see that one world class airport will attract the big airlines back as no one with choice would ever fly from International, it is an embarrassment.

  • murdockp

    if planning was put in in place and a commitment was made to close the other three airports, funding would not be an issue, the infrastructure funds will fall over them selves to lend and airports offer excellent returns for the banks in particular a monopoly airport where there won’t be the building of a competitor airport, just look at Macquarie the Australian banks airports fund. All Stormont needs to do is get the funding agreement right so it is probably best if the likes of Manchester Council ran the process as they have made an amazing profit for their ratepayers and transformed the economy of Manchester with what they have achieved.

    Our lads and lasses would have a clue other than argue over its name and whether it trades on a sunday.

  • murdockp

    The same ridiculous pretence when they told us that Windsor Park was necessary as a standalone project but is in fact now an under used stadium playing host to a sprinkling of Irish League fans on a weekly basis.

    The same pretence they tell us that Casement is needed to host two games a year of note any note and concerts than no one wants.

    We need a dose of reality in NI, not pretence. Pretence is expensive.

  • Roger

    I can only say for sure that it directly affects me! I know the Common Travel Area is a misnomer. It’s the Double Visa Area. If a visa required traveler visits Ireland and transits through UK en route, they require an Irish tourist visa and a UK transit visa. This is directly because of the CTA. If they visit France and transit through UK they only need one visa, the French Schengen visa.

    But I don’t know the numbers. No one would really. How could we determine how many people this puts off. They don’t get counted.

  • Katyusha

    In this regard, the mothballed Maze stadium was a massive missed opportunity.

    Where I live, both of the local Bundesliga clubs (Mainz 05 and Eintracht Frankfurt) have large, modern, out-of-town stadia linked by public transport. Mainz run dedicated buses from all over the city throughout the day on match days, and your game ticket also gets you free transport to and from the stadium. Frankfurt’s stadium is on the S-Bahn line. It’s sensible, dead easy to get to, and the atmosphere is electric, too.

    But no. In NI strategic thinking, efficiency and common sense are foreign concepts. And the invisible barrier dividing it into two effectively parallel societies is not permitted to be breached.

  • Oggins

    But surely an agreement could be made. I believe the french and dutch have it with Saint Martin

  • Roger

    Obviously yes. But they haven’t. The CTA is no mini-Schengen.

  • Gopher

    One has to take into consideration the length of the drive and your destination and whether or not your leaving or entering the EU.

    I have flown most routes to Asia with many different airlines including the DUB-DXB-BKK route. To say that Dublin is the best airport to get to Asia without going through Heathrow is to me somewhat disengenous. The City is 20 minutes drive for me, check in is 1hour 30 mins because it is considered domestic. Security is quick and you don’t have to pass through it again at Heathrow Terminal 5. A flight from Heathrow is then direct to your destination and several hours shorter than a detour through Dubai.

    Anyone who has done the Asian route knows the return journey is the pain. Heathrow and most of its connections to Belfast are far more efficient than every other route, a later last flight say at 9pm and all would be completely covered. On the return journey you will be in bed in your own home flying via Heathrow and in the air with a 3 hour ground time including drive going through Dublin. I have flown Emirates many times and their 380’s are decent but their 777’s are a joke with the 3-4-3 seat plan. Compare that to BA’s and EVA’s 777’s.

    Then you have Brexit, putting all the Norths eggs in the Dublin Airport basket is nothing short of ludicrous at this time when the nature of the border is up in the air.

  • Gopher

    I agree that Nothern Ireland’s airports are in a sorry condition but realistically The short hop to Heathrow and the lack of hassle at terminal 5 makes traveling to Asia a lot simpler especially if your only a short drive from the city

  • lizmcneill

    That’s Asia. If you’re flying west to America Dublin is much more convenient.

    The lack of facilities such as airports in NI is a strong argument for not having a hard border. Do the checks at the natural barrier of the Irish Sea.

  • Sharpie

    I live in Co Down and travel a few times year to Europe for work. My first option when looking at flights is always Dublin. It’s easier to get to by bus and nearly by car, it has more choice, it has good services (its clean and efficient). Belfast’s flights to Euro cities always require you to spend an extra night abroad as there are few late flights.

  • Gopher

    The OP specifically targeted Asia and as is usual with most number crunchers when they come up with an interesting theory don’t take into account all the parameters. In this case time and distance.

    As for America an important factor will be cost and whether or not the Brexit effects the loopholes around passenger duty exploited by UK airlines and the effect on Dublin Airport. The Dublin Heathrow Vegas route being very popular in the North for instance.

    For me if the cost is not too different I prefer the 20 minute drive home to the 2 hour one. Timetable, Airline and aircraft type are also important to me. A direct flight to SFO from Heathrow in a 380 trumps anything Dublin can offer me.

  • BermySte

    SMH at people so happy to fly from Dublin! So much for people supporting their own city. The more connectivity Belfast has to the rest of the world the more inward investment we will receive, the more prosperous our city and region will be. Seems like so many on here have no passion for their own city – sad.

  • Gopher

    Yup The City presently is the best option for travellers and without a vast improvement in connectivity to the International that will continue, Dualling the roads to the M2 and A1 and a rail link would be needed. The Great Vic Transport hub with bag drop would also be essential to a single airport in the North. For it to be the City you would have to lengthen the runway which I imagine would run into objections.

  • Gopher

    No need for two airports but your forgetting Antrim, Larne, Coleraine, Bangor, Ards, Lisburn and God forbid you forget Derry.

  • Ryan A

    Realistically there is another 400 metres on the North end of the site, after that you’re into the difficult issue of Victoria Park on the South.

  • Ryan A

    The International isn’t ‘Belfast’ and never will be. I’d happy fly from City for work every time if I could but it has been hamstrung by planning and NIMBYism; London City get away with murder in comparison.

  • BermySte

    London (distances from Charing Cross)

    London City Airport ~12km (4.5km from Canary Wharf)
    London Heathrow Airport ~23km
    London Gatwick Airport ~39km
    London Luton Airport ~44km
    London Stansted Airport ~47km

    Belfast (distance from City Hall)
    Belfast International Airport ~ 21km

    By your logic Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted are not London and never will be.

  • Ryan A

    The difference is the top 3 of those are accessible from the centre in 20 mins via good public transport, all of them are in the metropolitan area and have the population and transport links to support them. Aldergrove is a disused Army barracks in the arse-end of no where without so much as a rail link to Belfast. As an aside, If you suggested to any business commuter to use Luton or Stansted to access the City they’d look at you like you’d three heads.

  • BermySte

    Ah now that’s different, I do agree that BFS needs better transport links- a better road and a rail connection. But maybe if more people used it the economic case for investing in such infrastructure would be more attractive.

    By the way there is no chance that you will get from Heathrow to Charing Cross in 20 mins let alone to the City – it will take at least an hour on the Piccadilly line, maybe a little faster on the Heathrow express to Paddington but then more time on the tube – either way not as fast and easy as you suggest.

  • Marc Power

    I get the feeling that gopher is the type that would still look down on dublin airport as inferior to that awful cesspit Heathrow even if all flights were free on gold aircraft with each person getting their own personal unicorn and a check for a million pounds

  • Ryan A

    Heathrow Express 20 mins to Paddington.

  • Katyusha

    It’s amusing that you cite that the lack of any need to go through security a second time as a reason why making an intermediate stop in Heathrow Airport instead of stopping over anywhere else on the Asia route (although I believe I didn’t have to go through security a second time when transiting through Istanbul), yet you are prepared to go through the misery of US Immigration rather than pre-clearing in Dublin, AND the hassle of making an intermediate stop in Heathrow when you can fly direct DUB-SFO. Explain that one to me?

    You entire argument seems based around you living 20 minutes form the airport, which, to be fair, is not the case for much of Northern Ireland. It’s a pain to drive to and even more of a pain to get to by public transport.

  • Gopher

    Nope simply providing facts that the opening poster failed to in his piece without resorting to pathos. I have never felt that any of SIr Norman Fosters work would ever find its way to the “cesspit”

  • Gopher

    Single aisle plane Dublin to Istanbul? Boeing 737 by any chance?

    How many times a week is that direct flight, which aircraft? Immigtration at SFO is a breeze compared to New York. If I was flying East Coast of course Dublin would be likely my first choice.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Surely this is a horse-cart-alignment issue?

    The idea of rural-yet-accessible ‘international’ airport being the major airport and George Best being the nippy one for business men in Belfast is a decent one in theory

    e.g. Few people to annoy in the Aldergrove/Lough Neagh area and it’s robustness in terms of extreme weather vs Belfast City’s convenient location for business traffic (but with a high population density).

    So, what are the problems:

    1/ The links to Aldergrove are awful, because of our sectarian cabal in Stormont money is wasted on pet projects and the maintenance of sectarian division so there’s not enough money for sensible and easy to implement public transport projects e.g. train stations at Ballymartin, Muckamore,Templepatrick and linking the 212 (and ergo the north west) with Ballymartin park and ride.

    2/ From an Irish tourism point of view Dublin is king, as far as tourists are concerned they come to Ireland, they don’t see Ireland stopping at the border.

    3/ (THE BIG ONE) – Businesses in the Cis-Belfast area are stifled due to high rates and high energy costs.

    For example, how many businessmen and reps would be jumping on planes to Aldergrove if there were feasible businesses needing supplied with machinery and products?

    But no, instead half of the country side is boarded-up or consists of fast food shops and petrol stations.

    Create the conditions for business and they will come.

    Also, I don’t know if there’s much of a demand for weekend getaways in NI (outwith Belfast) but given the bloody-minded determination of our planning departments and politicians to turn the villages into cul-de-sac bearing pods bereft of quaint architecture or pubs then really what would they come for? (case in point Bellaghy; come for the Seamus Heaney museum, stay for the…stay for the…ummm…back on the bus!!!)

    My understanding is that the chief tourist spots tend to be catered for by coach companies which usually have Dublin as their engine room anyway.

    I see most of our problems being inter-related:

    *Propping up the segregation machine costs money –
    *lack of money leads to high business rates –
    *high business rates lead to higher unemployment and under investment –
    * unemployment and under investment leads to turning a blind eye to short term schemes such as property development –
    *Property development leads to the wrecking of the attractions and amenities of the towns-
    *Wrecking the attractions of the towns robs them of their tourist and investment potential-
    *Lack of investment and tourist potential leads to lack of money-
    *Lack of money leads to…..
    etc etc etc

    If Bushmills, Ballymoney, Derry, Moy, Ballycastle or the coastal villages were in the English west country they’d be raking it in in terms of tourism.

    But no, we need the money to argue about fleg and the rest be damned.

  • Gopher

    I’m kinda with Murdockp on this I don’t think any of the present sites are optimal but the International is the only one with available land to develop around it. Personally it’s all pie in the sky because our politicains are useless and can’t manage anything.

  • Marc Power

    Gopher I was not aware that Norman foster was responsible for all of Heathrow?….Dublin airport just like dublin has its negatives but as a long term user of Heathrow I still prefer to use Dublin if that options available

  • Katyusha

    Yep. Well, it was single-aisle anyway. You can fly a short-haul aircraft all the way to Moscow.

    My point wasn’t about the route, it’s that you don’t have to go through security. You said that you don’t have to go through security at Heathrow as its treated as domestic, which is clearly nonsense because you can avoid going through security at other airports (outside the UK) as well.

    You’re all over the place, Gopher. First you start talking about travelling with minimum hassle, then you say you’d rather make a totally unnecessary stopover when traveling to the US. You say you care about convenience and airline, yet you previously advocated to me travelling to Frankfurt via Hahn, as isolated as it is possible to get, and served only by Ryanair and Whizz!

    Do you have a financial interest in Aldergrove by any chance?

  • hurdy gurdy man

    Clapham Junction to Gatwick is about half an hour – and probably more like 40 mins from Charing Cross.

  • lizmcneill

    Just got a text from a family member currently stranded at Aldergrove because the wind is too bad to land at City. Making City the only airport in NI would presumably mean diversion to Dublin.

  • Ryan A

    Must admit not so familiar with it as Gatwick is my “If I have too” Airport…

  • Gopher

    Terminal 5 I believe is his design.

  • Gopher

    Never used the Belfast flight to USA because I dont like single aisle aircraft on long haul dont fancy flying to Istanbul or Moscow much on a single aisle. My choice.

    My point was Heathrow is no longer the hassle it was provided of course you dont switch terminals then it does become a hassle.

    “and you don’t have to pass through it again at Heathrow Terminal 5”

    I’m sure when you read it again you get my meaning, you know the way the mainland can be funny about us.

    The point about domestic was nothing to with security it is to do with prior check in time which is 1 and 1/2 hours at Belfast as opposed to 3 at Dublin. I have not went through security either in my stop overs in Dubai I still prefer to be in the air flying rather than sitting on the ground for 3 hours waiting on a connecting flight, again my choice. Heathrow offers direct flights.

    I repeat the city is only 20 minutes away, the less check in time is better especially in early morning flights and for me 50 minutes in the air with drink in hand is better than 2 hours driving especially since the check in time is shorter. It is therefore not unessecary. The 2 hours on the way home is simply a deal breaker after a long haul flight.

    If you are doing Germany on a budget Frankfurt Hahn is fine and I am sure I qualified that in my advice and its location and that it was only served by budget airlines. Or those parameters were qualified in the question.

    No shares in Aldegrove never use the place anymore because I invariably fly scheduled.

  • Gopher

    If Dublin is not suffering also. Like I said Aldergrove is the best all weather airport in Ireland, having the two runways gives you more options also ih high winds. Which make the City despite its profitability advantage over Aldergrove not the optimum choice for practical reasons if there is a rationalization.

  • mooncoin

    seriously ‘ A world -class international airport ‘ ? It is a total embarrassment , it is a shabby poorly functioning and hardly fit for purpose conglomeration of temporary buildings plonked out in the arse hole of no-where , with an equally pathetic transport system which is supposed to service it . The politicians need to stop deluding themselves and face reality , Aldergrove is a depressing gateway to what could be a vibrant welcoming destination however its never going to happen the same old , same old , will prevail .

  • AntrimGael

    Just further proof that economics will determine this island’s future. Belfast will eventually have ONE airport to serve short haul flights while Dublin will be the main hub in Ireland for international ones. The North is a failed political and economic statelet, Charlie Haughey for all his faults was spot on.

  • Oriel27

    very true AG. i was reading yesterday the population of the Greater Dublin Area – (Co Dublin, Co Meath, Co Kildare, Co Wicklow) is, 1.904 million and is due to increase to 2.1 million by 2021.
    Greater Dublin Areas population is well in access of the Norths.
    A smart unionist would be aware of this, should be astute to tap in to the that potential market. I know my company does (i work in North).

    What the hell was the mindset of unionists back in the sixties, building a shitty road to Dublin, but a motorway to Dungannon??

    Chris Hazard should start with build a decent connection from the M1 motorway to the A1, upgrade the A1 to dual carriageway with central reservation areas – closed.
    More economic ties should be made with the South. Thats what smart unionists do.
    But no, silly pathetic, backward DUP unionists still hold on to Craig’s unionism.

  • Oriel27

    complete was of money investing in any road improvements to Aldergrove. Its really just a regional airport.

    Ireland is a small country, as i said in a message above, the population of the greater Dublin area is more that the North.
    Transport NI should now plan to do a proper link from the M1 to the A1 south to Dublin. Close all the central reservations.

    Better connectivity should be made to Dublin at all costs. the York St interchange project should also happen to ensure freeflow from the motorway network to Larne.

  • Gopher

    I agree with the better road connections with Dublin and to fund it we should introduce tolls on the A1.