The HIU (if it is allowed to go operational) is the only chance NI has of prosecuting terrorists

Interesting snippet via Mark Devenport on the one-sided investigation of the past. He quotes Kris Hopkins from NIO in a Westminster Hall debate yesterday…

“The almost exclusive focus on the actions of the state is disproportionate and must be challenged and redressed if we are to deal with the past in a way that is fair and balanced and allows victims and survivors to see better outcomes than the current piecemeal approach.”

The Northern Ireland Office minister argued that the creation of a new Historical Investigations Unit (HIU) would correct this imbalance.

Mr Hopkins said he believed the implementation of the proposed new body “will make the situation better for victims and survivors, and will be the only chance we have of prosecuting terrorists who murdered soldiers and police officers along with other innocent victims”.


  • Blade Sprinter

    I think the short answer to this is “get stuffed”.

    Too much focus on the state, what a laugh. Bloody Sunday murderers still walk free. There is nowhere near ENOUGH focus on the state crimes. Nowhere near enough.

    You can tell the heat is getting too high for the Brits, their water carriers have been sent out to try and dampen down the fires of justice that burn ever closer to the heart of the UK govt terrorist machine.

    Keep pushing! These are the signs that we are closing in on the guilty and their fellow travelers.

  • Declan Doyle

    Thousands of Republicans and Loyalist took a spin behind prison bars for their actions while the state terrorists have gotten away scot free. Fair and balanced? Who are they kidding. Seriously !

  • Jollyraj

    Certainly one can see the merits of setting up a working HIU if it does finally put as many as possible of the former terrorists behind bars, for as long as possible. Everybody should welcome that, and one can’t see why any normal political party would be opposed.Lets do it, I say. A proper enquiry into Enniskillen is long overdue for a start.

  • johnny lately

    “rather than disproportionately on the brave soldiers and police officers who sacrificed so much to protect us”

    Probably not the best words to use when appealing to all victims it sounds like Kris Hopkins, a former British soldier himself doesn’t see the victims of state sponsored murder as victims.

  • Brian Walker

    The government’s argument about one sided justice is rejected by human rights lawyers who deplore it as a political approach to justice.. The paramilitary schools would say there’s a huge imbalance in the security forces ‘ favour anyway. The HIU will probably raise false hopes of prosecution. But why not get on with it and set it up? What a wonderful policy! Only a here today gone tomorrow minister could pronounce like this with a straight face.

  • BonaparteOCoonassa

    Right on.