Local unhappiness at party’s treatment of McKay leads to 18 resignations…

Worth noting that this morning some in Sinn Fein in North Antrim were unhappy enough with the way Daithi McKay has been treated by his party that they resigned. The BBC report references a statement given to the Ballymena Guardian

Those who have resigned told the Ballymena Guardian it was “inconceivable” that they could remain in light of the way they believe Mr McKay was treated.

They also criticised what they called the “anointing” of his successor without, they claim, any meaningful consultation.


One of the 18 to resign, Monica Digney, told the BBC that it was “not a decision we took lightly”.

“I have been a republican all my life,” the former councillor said. “I will die a republican. But, I don’t have to be a Sinn Féin republican.

“Because, what has happened recently is there seems to be some people who get protected and other people are left hung out to dry and Daithí McKay, unfortunately, is one of those that was left hung out to dry.”

The Finance Minister’s use of the word “subterfuge” won’t have helped local humours amongst activists who perhaps don’t quite see it that way. But then, as someone once said, when it becomes serious…