Lisa Nandy: Labour must help its own voters to ‘take back control’.

A quick break in the drama of the Labour leadership election, or for those still crying into a Remainers cup of camomile tea: Lisa Nandy MP makes a decent fist of outlining what Labour might usefully do next.

In short, get over it. Find ways to get Labour’s voter base some real control over their lives with real policies that are likely to make a difference to the lives of a whole tranche of voters neglected since the early 80s.

Her point about devolution is particularly well made. Although anything that doesn’t find a means to ensure local government is above tampering by successful PMs is probably due to fail in the longer run.

BTW Corbynistas are inclined to call Ms Nandy  Blairite since she quit the Shadow Cabinet. In my limited experience of meeting her, she is anything but. But do listen, and decide for yourselves.