SUN/Lucid Talk Poll shows majority voting to stay in the EU

A poll for The SUN conducted by Lucid Talk online with 2,886 responses (balanced by gender, age, area of residence and community background) shows a majority at this stage voting to stay within the European Union. (The poll has a margin of error of 3.9%)

The headline figures show that if a vote were held today 55% would vote to stay within the EU, 29.4% would vote to leave and more than 14% are undecided.

Breaking those figures down the poll finds;

Nationalists (Sinn Fein, SDLP, People Before Profit)

Stay in-74.07%

Leave- 10.49%


Wont vote- 0.62%

Unionists (DUP, UUP, TUV, UKIP, Conservatives, PUP)


Stay- 20%


Wont vote- 0.4%

Others (Alliance/Greens etc)

Stay in- 82.39%

Leave- 6.29%

Undecided- 11.32%

I notice in the commentary box, Bill White from Lucid Talk says from his previous research in October that people wishing to stay in the EU is down 1.5%, whilst those wishing to leave is up 1%. He also notes that the number of Nationalists wishing to stay has fallen from 90% to 74%, with the bulk of that drop now undecided.