Trudeaumania mark two as Liberals sweep to power

Nearly a decade of Tory rule in Canada has come to an end as the Liberals under Justin Trudeau swept to power. This will be his second time living in 24 Sussex Drive as he grew up there when his father, Pierre was Prime Minister during the 1970s and early 80s.

The trend began in Atlantic Canada and just kept rolling into Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The coalition of suburban Ontario and the West that sustained the Conservatives in power fell apart as people voted for change.

There are still some recounts but this how the new parliament looks today


In terms of the provincial breakdown and the share of the vote;


Stephen Harper is set to resign as Conservative leader and has left his party in same position that he led it to in the 2004 election. Tom Mulcair (NDP leader) lost a lot of ground in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario but this is still the party’s second best ever result. The Bloc Quebecois have increased their seats but are still below the 12 needed to qualify for official party status.