Cartoon – Cartoon – Ruth(less) Resignations

DUP political cartoon
While DUP ministers continue their in-out-in-out, Hokey Cokey resignation-renomination routine, Ruth Patterson has gone all out with a traditional resignation.

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  • murdockp

    Ruth makes me smile. one of the breed of elected representitives that only has a mandate based on ‘out unionisting’ the other unionists her people can vote for resulting in her becoming a parody of herself. The shinners have a load of them too.

    and what do they offer society…..absolutely nothing……if they all resigned tomorrow policy would start to get delivered rather than the constant bickering and point scoring.

  • aquifer

    And her salary would actually stop. A very loose cannon.

  • Thomas Girvan

    Goodbye numpty.

  • chrisjones2

    She has finally realised that she was just cannon fodder for the flegs dispute …just like the village idiot’ and that turned out well for the DUP didn’t it

    Mind you, I am sure she knows where the bodies are buried in Castlereagh council so her memoirs may be interesting. Bet they have a Union Jack cover and are ghost written anonymously – just like all those letters!!!

  • chrisjones2

    Speaking of resignations Marty was waxing lyrical last night

    This looks like a ‘shaping exercise ‘ apparently softening the sheep up for a teensie set of concessions like welfare reform in return for baubles like the A5 road to nowhere sometime in the future. Mrs O’Miggins of West Belfast can then rest assured that her bedroom tax / lost DLA is going to the good cause of 3 cm of tarmac somewhere around Sion Mills

    But if Marty’s stated line of “Sinn Féin will not agree to this ideologically driven austerity agenda,” is really true then, given that the Assembly has no private source of funding and therefore no choice on austerity per se, there is only one logical decision. SF Ministers must refuse to implement the cuts, resign and immediately go into opposition alongside the UUP. After that the Stoops (as usual) can follow fearlessly (ie without fear of being outflanked by the Shinners) .

    There Sinn Fein (of is it Sinn Feign these days?) can carp and grind to their hearts content telling people their mandate was denied etc etc It really does make sense you know to stand back and let the DUPs take all the decisions – and the blame

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    There goes one opportunist who ran out of opportunities.