It’s on: Eastwood confirms challenge against McDonnell

Just in from the Irish News political correspondent, John Manley

I would imagine some backers of his push will involved Mark Durkan MP and Claire Hanna. Backers of McDonnell will include Fearghal McKinney and Alban Maginess.

Some key folks to watch in terms of who they side with are the former leader Margaret Ritchie, former minister Alex Attwood and Patsy McGlone.

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  • Gopher

    Claire Hanna backing Eastwood strikes me as odd given the nature of her constituency. Are we 100% sure Eastwood is not a stalking horse for someone else? I’m not so sure given that Patsy, if one was of an SDLP bent is more convincing that an Eastwood victory would be welcome. Its not as if you play Kingmaker in the SDLP you can expect many goodies and Derry always to be kept content. Perhaps MLA’s salaries are such that lack of motivation obviates such machinations. What would I ask for if I was Margaret Ritchie? Opposition of course.

  • chrisjones2

    I am 75% sure he is …whether he knows it or not

    And what exquisite timing right in the middle of the talks. Its almost calculated to destroy any investigate of Stoop influence (dont laugh)

  • Gopher

    It seems extraordinary that more senior members would back him if they thought he could actually win especially with the election next year. It would end any pretentions they had of leadership.The SDLP leadership contests are like deciding who is going to be fuhrer after Hitler shoots himself there aint much to inherit

  • Catcher in the Rye

    of course he’s a stalking horse. Someone wants to test McDonnell’s levels of support.