McDonnell “they don’t want a taig about the place. I’m sorry, it’s as brutal as that.” (updated with audio)

Great scoop from the North Belfast News who have recorded comments from the SDLP leader, Alasdair McDonnell who was speaking at the opening of an office in Glengormley, North Belfast.

The paper reports the SDLP making comments about the DUP and their attitudes to Nationalists where he said;

The DUP don’t want partnership – they don’t want a taig about the place. I’m sorry, it’s as brutal as that.

I’m not divisive, I don’t like to be like that but they, at times, they’ve made it very clear to us they don’t support the Good Friday Agreement, they don’t support a lot of the changes that have taken place.

He also argued that Sinn Fein are incapable of telling the truth. [Quotes added:]

“Sinn Fein can’t tell the truth. They just can’t tell the truth, and they can tell us whatever they like.

“And you’ve examples like Gerry Adams was never in the IRA and you’ve examples like Martin McGuinness saying this, that and the other thing. They’re not telling the truth.

“We fully support the chief constable when he discussed publicly in a press conference the murder of Kevin McGuigan.

“We know who killed Kevin McGuigan. And we know there are people out there associated with, connected with or involved in some way – that basically were involved in helping and supporting the murder of Kevin McGuigan.”

In an interview with the BBC on Friday, Dr McDonnell said: “Most of the messages I’m getting are congratulatory messages telling me it was time somebody told the truth.
“And quite frankly I would make [the comments] all over again because they have to be said.
“We’ve reached a stage after a couple of weeks of talks that it’s time to call it as it is, to be honest and tell the truth, and I called it as I saw it.”

A few things here, will this damage the party? My initial instinct is that it will not, most of the commentariat will chew over it but out in the party’s heartland most of their voters will have thought this anyway. Where McDonnell will get hammered on is his clumsy (to say the least) use of language.


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  • Gingray

    “I give up. I’m not wasting any more time on you.”

    Zeno, I am beginning to think you suffer from false memory syndrome.

    You made several claims (see below), most of which are contrary. I am only seeking clarification – please could you respond to each one in turn and directly address the point rather than obfuscating?

    In addition, I have used facts, either direct copies of what you have typed, or information gathered from official sources. Could you only refer to facts in your response and not self calculated?

    1.) When you say something is under 200k in one post, then over 200k in another, which do you mean?

    2.) When you present the number of voters as 718,103 against 1.4m eligible to vote, how can you then claim non voters are over 50%?

    3.) When you say a comfortable majority do not vote yet even with lying can only get a majority of 0.02%, is it really comfortable?

    4.) When you say you give up and are not wasting any more time on me, then reply
    quickly thereafter, does that mean you don’t view this as a waste of time or you lied about giving up?

    5.) When the Electoral Agency state that 722,872 presented their voting cards and voted and also estimated that 1,405,808 people are eligible to vote, why do you claim that 722,872/1,405,808=51.4% is not over half?

  • John Collins

    Add to the above Jan O’Sullivan, the Protestant Minister for Education. I sat before various interview boards in ROI, Britain and Canada over the past forty years and never, even once, was I asked anything about my religious persuasion.

  • gendjinn

    Ah, I meant that Stoker’s vampirism was a metaphor for syphilis and the older infected males preying upon the younger uninfected females.

    Never did see Rebel heart – I’d be more of a Strumpet City man meself. The skeptical socialist in me sees the bang bangs as distracting from bread and rent.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    “Rebel Heart” is worth a look, some decent performances, but for anyone who knows Belfast and the real story of the McMahon killings the script was just a tad too imaginative……..

    No great fan of the bang bangs myself ever, or those who enjoy them, but I did relish the wit and “Situationalism” of the PD before Ronnie Bunting Senior showed that the lack of a sense of humour was still a great crown pleaser locally, and brought in force as the true arbiter. I suppose few Unionists ever seem to have got around to reading Marcuse……..

  • mac tire

    No, Reader, there MAY be nothing wrong with a sample size of 1000. There have been many that have been wrong and that’s the point.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    That’s a really interesting point, Roger. While I can think of quite a few UUP members who have passed through Trinity, I can only think of Desmond Boal off hand.

    It’s bit like military service, while the UUP can field many names (and even current representatives) I’m still trying to discover if any of these DUP patriots (or their family members) have ever served in any of the British armed forces. I know that one or two served in the UDR but I’d be very surprised if that was not the case, self interest and all that, but in the actual armed forces…..

  • gendjinn

    Rebel Heart seems to be as hard to track down as the C4 Bloody Sunday docudrama or Eat the Peach, I Went Down.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    The whole thing used to be on YouTube, but I imagine copyright, etc, has (quite properly!) intervened. It was released on VHS, and this occasionally shows up on Amazon, but I do not know of any DVD release.

    Ho hummmmm….

  • gendjinn

    You are correct, there’s nout but extracts and teasers on there now. I did find the TG4 1916 rising ten parter on there – so that’ll keep me out of trouble for a bit 🙂 We’ve got to fix some problems in copyrights, especially for things that aren’t in print. Bit of dog in the manger about that.

    Did you see the recent Winkler lawsuit over Goodfellas? The net profit scam was even more egregious when it came to the Lord of the Rings as the proceeds were going to charity.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    No, I did not. T Mitch sounds like the man who’d be all over that.