Cartoon – Wouldn’t have a McDonnell about the place…

Alasdair McDonnell cartoon

The North Belfast News caught Alasdair McDonnell saying that “they [the DUP] don’t want a taig about the place”. It’s likely that some SDLP colleagues will be saying the same of the current leader.

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  • Mister_Joe

    The SDLP lost their way when Hume retired. Their future is problematical. They seem assured to be a rump party. Too bad.

  • murdockp

    if they dropped the irish nationalism and got rid of all the legacy teachers and academics from their senior ranks I may vote for them as the party is very stale indeed.

  • Zig70

    I wouldn’t see myself as very nationalistic but I do love a lot about Irish culture. Can you be politically Irish and avoid the border question? It would be a huge gamble for the sdlp to forsake their core vote in return for your maybe. I think there is a line to walk that gives space for lukewarm irishness than their current image would portray but media love to pull at green strings and if you aren’t sure then you get played with. Alliance can’t even find a way through the centre that respects both tribes. As for teachers, I sympathise. They have a difficult job to control their charges but I rarely feel they let it go outside the classroom. They always get my defences up and rebellious streak going.

  • the rich get richer

    Everyone in Ireland knows that everyone else is a barsteward but the problem is that they don’t know that they are barstewards themselves .

    Before all negotiations/meetings everyone should be asked to admit their barsteward-ness and if they don’t they should be asked to make their excuses and leave.

    This common-ality of barstewardness should produce a more honest basis for progress.

    Surely all barstewards together have something in common.

  • Kevin Breslin

    All five major parties have school teachers and acamedics, dido the parties to the South and the ones to the West. Young people generally don’t have the commitment, the unemployed don’t usually have the money, old people get stigmatised, family people generally don’t have the timeand Professionals and Working people generally have better things to do.

    I remember a Foyle Assembly Election where basically all the main candidates had a degree with the exception of Eammon McCann who seemed to have become a bit of an academic from other sources.

  • Kevin Breslin

    A party doesn’t change unless the people within it change, the fact is that economic unionist socialists are probably too content to sit on the side lines than to try and do the type of networking that the SDLP had done at their formation.

  • paulgraham7567

    Agree in theory. Irish Nationalism/Ulster Unionism is the main core which divides this country, yet how much time does the average joe spend thinking about it?

    Does anyone really give a damn anymore?

    Wouldnt/couldnt we get a middle ground opposition (sldp/alliance/uup) coalition?

    Focus on real issues, not gutter politics?

  • paulgraham7567

    I come from a family of school teachers. I sympathise entirely!

  • Mary Anna Quigley

    To be honest Alastair is correct if truth hurts then face it. Hate is hate both sides hate. Alastair is saying what thousands of Catholics are thinking. When have PIRA, PSF ever told the truth come clean their past godfathers, sinners want a truth commission but unwilling to take responsibility or tell the truth about themselves! In my opinion PSF are PIRA are sociopathic untrustworthy liars full stop.

  • Zig70

    UUP as part of the middle ground? Currently the void between them and the DUP is paper thin. I’d say most Catholics that agree with Alasdair’s comments would lump them in the same skip. If you want real politics then joining left and right isn’t a way forward imo.

  • Nevin

    Kevin, John Hume and Alec Reid via networking and the associated domino chain reaction [Youtube video] were able to exert the sort of political pressure that unionists had great difficulty countering; the best that David Trimble could do was to extend the Hume analysis to include the Unionist aspiration and to have the negative power of the mutual veto accepted.

  • Roger

    Agree with the last two sentences.