Abortion law is pawn in a Tory-SNP power game

The Herald reports that the Conservatives are thinking about devolving abortion law to Scotland where a strong Catholic lobby is opposed to the 1967 Act. What the point of doing it unless the aim is to repeal it? Not necessarily apparently. It’s really about the power game between Westminster and Holyrood, not about little matters such as rights, ethics, women and embryos.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government quietly dropped a demand for new powers over abortion, saying it had other priorities.

But Nationalist MPs made clear during the debate they supported the devolution of abortion law to the Scottish Parliament and a party spokesman noted: “As the Smith Commission reported, the parties were ‘strongly of the view’ that responsibility for abortion should be devolved, given that health as a whole is devolved.”

A senior SNP source stressed that while the party did not want to change the current law on abortion – the termination limit in most cases is 24 weeks – he added: “We’re in the more powers business.”

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  • chrisjones2

    This is all gamesmanship

    If the SNP real;ly want independence all they have to do it put a motion at Holyrood and vote for it then go to Cameron and demand independence or threaten UDI

    A negotiated exit is in the best interests of all

  • John Collins

    Well I am no raving Loyalist but 55% of the Scottish people voted to stay in the UK a few months back. If the SNP behaved as You say it would be the end of them and rightly so.

  • chrisjones2

    Would it be? Mood has shifted since then and it was the huge bribe that Cameron allowed Brown to offer and that now cannot be delivered. Far better for the UK Government to be neutral and let them go if they want

  • the rich get richer

    The Scottish people have an innate instinct to not trust Westminster.

    The Tories trying to pull political stunts will not do anything to alter this.

  • the rich get richer

    Independence by evolution would probably be the better way to go.

    The more of Scotlands affairs that the Scots get to decide themselves the more they will want.

  • Slater

    The SNP being nationalist want it all (and they want the money).
    They can’t be seen ever to not want some power sent to Edinburgh, even taxation – not that they would ever heighten a tax.

  • chrisjones2

    By the way Alex “once in a generation chance” Salmond has started to call for another referendum

  • JPJ2

    No he has not