Round up on the NAMA/Tughans/Robinson story…

So, what’s been happening on the Project Eagle story today then? So the DFP committee is to investigate the matter, but the chair of that committee thinks it may have to be referred to the Guards and the PSNI. Oh, and Mick Wallace doesn’t see the point.

On the Robinson side of the story Gareth (not Gavin who also it seems has links at Tughans) and his PR firm are making themselves unavailable for comment.

Next, the Irish News lead story this morning was in reference to two secret meetings that Robinson had with Cerberus before and after the deal. Intriguingly, although his joint First Minister was not included in the first meeting, he was in the second.

Sam McBride has also noted that there seems to have been a U turn in the attitude of the First Minister regarding NAMA and a shift away from concerns previously articulated by Sammy Wilson that

“NAMA has kept to its commitments on avoiding a ‘fire sale’ making finance available to debtors seeking to develop assets and for potential buyers of commercial property.”.

And finally (though I doubt it will be), UTV have a good account of the latest probes announced, including one by the Law Society, which has in fact been in progress since January..

Breaking: Seems the PSNI (and, cough, the National Crime Agency) are indeed going to initiate a criminal investigation enquiry into the matter…

Here’s my own thoughts from this morning’s #SluggerReport on some of the broader issues around this one…

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  • mark

    Mick – this isn’t resolved yet. But my god your initial responses will be a million miles off. Dont give up your day job Chief Wiggam – whatever that is!

  • StevieG

    What’s your point? Want to elaborate?

  • mickfealty

    Yes please Mark?

  • mickfealty

    Erm, I know it is longish, but did you even listen to the podcast?

  • mark

    im referring to your July 4th comments. give it two more days and then ill come back and you can reply