McGuinness: Sinn Fein will offer conditional support to the Budget Bill

Martin McGuinness briefed the media earlier today in Stormont informing us that following a meeting of the Sinn Fein Ard Chomhairle over the weekend that the party will offer conditional support for the Budget bill currently working its way through Stormont.

Here is a bit of what he said to the media;

As all of you will know the national leadership of Sinn Fein met yesterday in County Kildare, that is the Ard Chomhairle that we are members of and there is a very strong view in the Ard Chomhairle that the present situation we are dealing with unsustainable. That said in the context of the present situation in relation to the Budget Bill that we will be giving conditional support to this Budget Bill today. The purpose of that is to create a space which will hopefully will see a resolution of the difficulties that we face in relation to putting in place a sustainable and workable budget and also see the full implementation of the Stormont House Agreement. 

This essentially buys the Executive time over the summer to solve the problem and get over the UK budget due in July.

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  • Dan

    Then they can drag out their bullshit up to Christmas again, then it’s the run up to the elections in May……so another year of nothing but stagnation as the welfare scammers continue to be encouraged to loot the public purse

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Fairyland politics a la Syriza. If we don’t like the reality we just stick our heads in the sand.

  • Mick Hall

    A bit of a cowardly statement from M McG, it looks like he is using the Ard Chomhairle to spread the blame around if this goes belly up, “it weren’t me, after all i’m only the party leader at Stormont, it was those dastadly members of the Ard Chomhairle which made me do it. Pitiful.

  • Concubhar O Liathain

    Did SF execute this U Turn implementing Tory austerity and cuts before or after Martin’s rousing speech in London decrying Tory austerity and denouncing Cameron’s cabinet of millionaire scroungers?

  • Sergiogiorgio

    That would be the legally elected government of this country you are referring to Con. Whether you like it or not….

  • Concubhar O Liathain

    I was merely quoting Martin McGuinness. The Tories weren’t on my ballot paper,btw.

  • Trevorabh

    And they keep hoping that we all have just enough to cling on to some form of life here.
    Maggie did a smashing job, er, smashing the proletariat through home buying, union idiocy, pension funds. Blair finished the job with UK wide dependence on benefits.
    We’ll never be able to rebel again.

  • Granni Trixie


  • Sergiogiorgio

    Jesus Trev – everyone’s out to get you – the Tories, Labour, the Taigs, the Planners. Ever thought of getting off your ass trying to better your miserable existence?

  • Trevorabh

    When the revolution comes, my friend, you’ll know about the betterment of the masses. We’ll shake off the chains that bind when the minds of men realise that the capitalist hegemony can be overthrown.

  • Jag

    Creating enough space to enable SF wear anti-austerity as a badge in the November election campaign in the South.

    Their critics will round on their fantasy economics=fantasy budget=voodoo economics 2.0

  • Sergiogiorgio

    You’ll need to get the “masses” away from their 50 inch TV screens. Not an easy thing to do! Good luck my friend.

  • Trevorabh

    The new opiate of the people

  • hugh mccloy

    Tory cuts everywhere, it would not be as funny only we have been here before:

    Review of Public Administration 2006 ( Austerity Measure), Fully passed by the assembly and parties, this was part and parcel of getting the Assembly back and part of the 4 spending cuts under the Labour Gov of that time due to the building banking crisis at that time.

    But wait there is more, the review did not go far enough as we hit 2008 and the Labour Gov introduce more cuts to public spending, so we get the Comprehensive Spending Review 2008 ( Austerity Measure) to curtail the start of the collapse in the banks and housing market. Again backed by the Assembly and its parties.

    Hospitals, schools, public servants, housing benefit for people renting in private sector despite being vulnerable persons and more all cut.

    With modernisation and recovery projects in-between, looking more directly at departments for example Transforming Your Care, they are all cuts under a different name, but namely since 2006 they are all Austerity measures brought in for both anticipating the collapse of the banks and housing market and to deal with the aftermath of the collapse.

    Since the inception of the assembly it have been one cut after another and SF have been happy enough to cut it all.

    Is this country suffering from the mushroom effect