Cartoon – “Sinn Fexit”?

Gerry Adams cartoons
Talk is of Grexit and the latest from Tsipras is, “wife will leave if I surrender to Europe.”

The Greek leader isn’t the only one at the centre of an impasse exercise his spouse’s bidding.

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  • Chris Jones

    “Hello, is that Enda?

    Enda, Enda…….them big boys wants me to live within my pocket money and I want more ……and Marty says i am just right too ………. hello? hello? hello Enda are you there ? Enda? ………. it must just be a bad signal Marty”

  • james

    And so we welcome to the lexicon “Sinn Fexit”. A fine companion piece to “Sinn’ll fix it” as a panacea for all known ills, economic or otherwise. Very apt.

  • Jag

    Paddy Power is now convinced that the general election in the 26 counties will be in 2015 – odds of 2015 are 4/6 and 2016 are 11/10. The present 26-county government will want to present its €2bn-giveaway budget before calling the election, the budget announcement is due on 13th October 2015. I don’t think the government will wait for the Banking Inquiry report which is due by 30th November. I think we’ll have an election in November (there needs to be three weeks notice after dissolving Dail).

    So, I think it will be 4-5 months until SF take their message to the 26 county electorate. They’ll be hoping to double their Dail representation from 14 to around 30. Those additional 16 TDs are worth around €5m a year in salaries and expenses to SF (€250,000 per TD plus an increase in party funding).

    So, SF will not want to do anything in these six counties to rock the boat, and allow its critics elsewhere to claim SF are hypocrites and endorse austerity where they are in government.

    Which suggests to me these six counties will experience 4-5 months of fantasy. Fantasy budgets, fantasy debates, fantasy filibustering until the general election in the 26 counties is concluded.

  • the rich get richer

    Anyone that tells Super Politicians/Bankers (European Elite) to go Fook themselves will have my full support !

  • chrisjones2

    …go live in Greece and have a front row seat on what happens when you follow that line and demand that other people just let you spemd their money as you want