SDLP South Belfast latest: Boyle pulls out as McDevitt endorses Hanna

SDLP Cllr, Declan Boyle has pulled out of the race to succeed Alasdair McDonnell as an MLA.

Speaking about his decision Boyle said;

I have taken this decision after reflecting on the direction on which I want to focus my political career. For many people, it is understandable that the natural progression for a councillor would be towards the Assembly. However since putting my name forward I have realised that my passion for politics resides within the council.

This at the moment leaves the path clear for Claire Hanna to succeed McDonnell. It should be pointed out that this will also be the convention to select the candidates for the Assembly elections next year.

Cllr Hanna’s campaign recieved a boost today when a tweet came in from the former MLA for South Belfast, none other than, Conall McDevitt

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  • chrisjones2

    “Cllr Hanna’s campaign received a boost today when a tweet came in from the former MLA for South Belfast, none other than, Conall McDevitt ……”

    ……………who resigned after it was exposed that he had failed to declare payments made by his former PR company to him which continued after he was elected.

    Are we supposed to rejoice at that?

  • Zig70

    To be fair he resigned over less than a lot of politicians have been exposed for. It wasn’t dirty land deals, being found guilty of discrimination, defrauding the housing executive or other revelations we’ve had in the last few years. He fiddled expenses, no doubt keeping his family in the life they were accustomed to under his previous wage. Not an excuse. If he has learned his lesson then I’d forgive and forget as the sdlp need his talent.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Think I might stand so she gets a contest. I’ll be voting for her though, if I could.

  • Dan

    You’d take back an expenses fiddler?
    More fool you.
    That the other shower of conmen hadn’t the decency to resign doesn’t make him any better….besides he was woeful too. I still cringe at one of his interviews on Talkback where he stated that he’d started a facebook page to complain out something.

  • chrisjones2

    He did not fiddle expenses. He was being paid by a lobbying company and didn’t declare it

  • Paul Devlin

    Is there a contest on? Since when? Last I heard, the anti McDonnell faction didn’t have the numbers to challenge him (mind you, I live under a rock so I may well havve missed a thing or two)

  • Dan

    Fair enough.

  • Thomas Girvan

    I think you will find that he paid his Missus £30.000, over his last two years, out of his expenses..

  • the rich get richer

    Having an endorsement from someone that had to leave Frontline Politics for Financial Corruption isn’t exactly helpful.

    Is he just testing the Waters to see if the more vigilant amongst us are getting forgetful.

  • Granni Trixie

    Think you will find money was paid to wife not out of MLA expenses but from “research” money from Policimg Board.m

  • Spike

    Perhaps its time for the SDLP to decide once and for all whether its a nationalist party or a social democratic party? Cant say that I’m sure Cllr Hanna is the answer to the leadership position but she certainly a better alternative to the current incumbent. I think she will attract younger voters which the SDLP requires urgently.

  • Chris Jones

    Isn ‘t that the norm on the Hill?

  • Chris Jones

    So shes being brought in not just as an MLA but as Party Leader too? Shome mistake surely

  • Thomas Girvan

    Same snout, different trough.

  • Kevin Breslin

    If you think things are ever decided once and for all, then you really don’t understand politics. Politics is always flux not solidity.

  • Kevin Breslin

    He resigned didn’t he? How many Irish or even British politicians would do so after a failure to declare a payment?

  • Spike

    where else has the good Doctor to go? he is showing weakness and the political wolves within sdlp will surely smell blood

  • Spike

    undoubtedly, but without bowing to your superiority in political understanding ill say the SDLP frankly don’t have the choice anymore….if they want to exist in any relevance

  • chrisjones2

    British ie England Wales of Scotland close to 100% – they would be hounded out

    Irish – probably close top 100% tyese days

    DUP – threaten to sue everyone, couple of weeks in a clinic then a quiet retreat

  • Kevin Breslin

    Other than what you said about the DUP, I severely doubt that is the case.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Why do you think there needs to be a choice between nationalism and social democracy? Certainly there can be policy dominance either way, but absolutes either way aren’t getting people anywhere.

    What choice do unionists actually have these days? The UUP is DUP with differing personalities

    What do Alliance actually stand for?
    Isn’t their strong support in East Belfast and North Down in constituencies that are just as segregated as a whole monoreligiously as is the case in West Belfast? Where is their integration?

    You may as well let Peter Robinson rule by decree because as sure as hell, he isn’t going to let his big church schism. Every other party apart from SF has to be monolithic and single issue like the broken up far left groups in the Republic.

  • Spike

    For the sake of the partys future is why I believe they need to make the choice. Of course the social democracy element can accompany it but the national question must be their main focus/identity.
    Agree with you on UUP/DUP – does unionism have a genuine social democratic wing? When religion and politics combine, the perceived greater cause of union and religion blinds the voter against the real day-to-day political issues

  • Kevin Breslin

    I doubt you can focus on nation-making if you make the type of nation you wish to help to create the elephant in the room. Look at the SNP, did they abandon social democracy when challenging the social democracy of Scottish Labour? Has Fianna Fáil fully abandoned Social democracy as a concept? Has either the British or the Irish Labour parties really abandoned nationalism? Economic traitors? What concepts of social democracy do Sinn Féin tell their voters are bad for either Ireland or the broadening of the mandate for unity?

    You make a choice when there’s a conflict. The conflict you are suggesting is between die-hards who care about their home than their job and vice versa.

    People change the parties not the other way about, often those outside the partisan blocs are the ones changing it, particularly voters and activists.

    The civic voices who boasted the potential of an Indy Scotland and the union came from across the spectrum. Likewise will be the case with the EU referendum.

    If people want a different vehicle to achieve their aims they need to give the public that choice, not offer parties ultimations to do their policy, activism and outreach for them.

  • barnshee

    I`m batting very strongly for her Like her I am not an employee of Belfast City but I`m hoping she will fix me up with grant for study at QUB