Collusion – When The State Is The Lie

In his book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, the veteran war correspondent and former divinity student Chris Hedges warned us that:

‘States at war silence their own authentic and humane culture. When this destruction is well advanced they find the lack of critical and moral restraint useful in the campaign to exterminate the culture of their opponents. By destroying authentic culture – that which allows us to question and examine ourselves and our society – the state erodes the moral fabric.’

RTE’s groundbreaking documentary on Collusion has already become part of the currency of a seemingly unbreakable media and political narrative ‘on dealing with the past’. The ‘vault’ of secrets confronts all sides with a moment of decision: to acknowledge that any transformation is contingent – not only on an opening to the past – but on a long overdue recognition that public violence in (y)our name closes down our intimate realms of ethical sensibility, truthful language, culture, and spirit. What’s left with which to cultivate the emergence of conditions for a civil peace?

"The Vault"
“The Vault”