Cartoon – The MAC’s crumbling facade

Three years after opening the MAC’s facade has begun to crumble, a bit like a similarly surnamed politician…

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  • the rich get richer

    Too many old Folks at the Top of our political parties.

    McDonnell ; He looks older than he is and thats old

    Adams; Old man

    McGuinness; Old man

    Robinson; Old Man

    Nesbit; He is not Young, Is he Old.

    Forde; Old Man

    Kenny (Fine Gael) ;Old Man.

    Old Men run our Political establishment.

    We need an Injection of Youth.

  • MainlandUlsterman

    A new generation of politicians would be welcome … but ones who genuinely challenge old assumptions, not ones who hero-worship their elders.

  • Tends to happen with vanity projects, where the point is itself.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    We need an injection of politicians whose minds aren’t programmed to simple “I’m agin it….” thinking, no matter what age, trgr, but youth, as you suggest, would be a bit of a start……..

  • SeaanUiNeill

    And, if such a thing is possible, politicians without so much historical baggage they are politically crippled and unable to interact without simmering acrimony. It would be good to find new faces coming from a sensible left, as with your suggestions about Labour on another thread.

  • Zeno

    I see the Mac are now looking for £1 million from us to carry out repairs. Did it not come with any warranty? Surely the Builder or the Architect are the people who should be paying for the repairs?

  • Zig70

    Anyone else in these times would sue and in then meantime, make do and mend. A couple of buckets of black epoxy would do the job rightly.