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I am delighted to take up the role of Southern Editor here at Slugger O’Toole.  It is the perfect time for ‘Slugger’ to expand.  Over the next year we want to bring that unique approach to the Irish political scene.  In the past I was deeply involved in grass root politics.  Ireland has a great tradition of this across all parties and none.  There are many people who possess a deep understanding of the political game and how it works.

All too often commentary can centre on the ‘bubble’ of Leinster House.  Many seem to think that political parties and TD’s are all that politics is about.  It is of course much deeper than that.  A leader or a TD is always concerned with their base and watching what is happening on the ground.  If they lose sight of that they will lose their seat shortly after.  To understand, predict and truly grasp Irish politics you must get well beyond Leinster House.  You must spend time among the people that make, shape and influence the TD’s.

I want to promote that kind of insight.  If you have a strong view on Irish politics then we want to hear from you.  Whether you are involved with a party or just an interested observer we want to know your opinions.  The great advantage of the Internet is that it allows new voices.  It can facilitate debate and go beyond the limitations of just reporting headline news.  Whatever your opinion the country can only benefit from debating it.  You can contact me,, with your opinions, your insights, your gossip and your news whether local or national and we will bring it to a wider audience.

Slugger now reaches over 90,000 readers per month.  This is an impressive reach and we will expand that further.  We will be running events, hosting debate and getting out and about at every opportunity.  As the name might suggest, Slugger is able to throw and take the punches.  That is at the core of stepping into the arena.  Some agree with opinions, some disagree.  Whatever your view, contact us.  If you support something then tell us, if an article upsets you then write your reply.

I want Slugger to combine the ability to bring news and political insight with the determination to foster and facilitate debate.  Through events, media collaborations and our work here at the website we can make a difference.  Irish media is changing, Irish society is changing and Irish politics is changing.  Be part of that.  Don’t stay quiet, step up.


Johnny Fallon

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  • Granni Trixie

    Welcome – always willing to expand my knowledge though I trust the exchange is fruitful both ways. Have to confess that although I fill in my nationality as “British-Irish” or Irish-British” what I know about Southern politics is minimal.

  • Brian O’Neill

    Can I be first to say I resent an agent of a foreign state having any involvement in the internal territorial affairs of this Northern Ireland blog…

    Only joking Johnny, welcome aboard 🙂 We also have some Scottish writers coming on board this week as well, more on them tomorrow.

  • chrisjones2

    Oh Lord. A Southern perspective!!

    Next thing you will be encouraging weemin and metrosexualist to post

    Thats you all off the DUP Christmas Card List

  • Kevin Breslin

    Are we going to expect a GB Editor any time soon?

  • david crookes

    Johhny, let me second Brian’s rather robust welcome!
    Maybe before long we’ll have a Polish voice on Slugger as well.

  • kensei

    The best reporting I saw on the Uk Election was Jon Harris’s Anywhere But Westminster. if you can manage anything like that for the Southern election it’d be great.

  • Granni Trixie

    Call me insular,but why? Why not Brghton ..I like Brighton.

  • david crookes

    And what about Annalong? Hey?

  • Brian O’Neill

    We are happy to accept writers from anywhere. England, Europe, US, OZ etc.

    Slugger is extremely open to all views. If you want to write for the site just email me or Mick any-time.

    At this point you are reaching for your keyboards to to type what about Loyalists, Republicans, Green party, woman, left handed vegetarians [insert whatever group you think we are biased against]. None of the writers get paid so we rely on people from those groups to come forward to write for the site – we can’t commission work. If you think your views are not being represented don’t whine, write a post on said topic and send it to us.

  • Nevin

    Anywhere but Westminster link – getting beyond ‘the bubble’.

  • Robin Keogh

    Ha ! You are on form Chris 😉

  • Robin Keogh

    Welcome Johnny, I am based in wicklow and just joined the Shinners down here. In the middle of exams at the minute but will be happy to help out in whatever way I can goinf forward.

  • the rich get richer

    There will be no new political Horizon in the Republic until the Irish people start treating ff/fg/lab as one political party.

    There is not one thing that any of these parties would have done differently to the others when/if in power.

    They are one political party masquerading as three ! ! !

  • Catcher in the Rye

    Johnny Fallon, eh ? Powerful smell of mass off that name.

  • Makhno

    There’s a proper Northern welcome, right there.

  • Roger

    I don’t like “Southern” in your job titlle Johnny. Alienating/offensive. Much better and more accurate: “Irish”.

  • steve white

    ‘In the past I was deeply involved in grass root politics’, you mean Fianna Fail politics?

  • eireanne

    will there be a lady editor? bearing in mind gender equality and all that? At present Slugger boasts 4 charming, erudite, media-savvy etc gentlemen as editor and section editors,
    Editor – Mick Fealty
    Deputy Editor – David McCann
    Southern Editor – Johnny Fallon
    Business/Tech – Brian O’Neill
    Surely some lady comes up to the mark?And could be chosen using the same criteria that applied to the latest section editors? whatever they were? does anybody know?
    – Which comment should not be taken to mean any objection to the gentlemen in question.
    Just askin’ like!!!