In defence of gay marriage as an extension of a key conservative component to society

So, one of my favourite Tories Tim Montgomerie, spoke last night on his change of heart on Gay Marriage with Dominic Lawson… It’s interesting from a number of angles, not least that his motivation was to make social conservatism popular again, and to open what he sees as a key conservative institution (marriage) to people who might otherwise become alienated from other conservative institutions.

So, for those genuinely interested, I’m just putting it here. [Please do try to resist the urge to comment without first listening?]

As an addendum to that, here’s the Stanford Social Innovation Review which somewhat underwrites Montgomerie’s liberal conservative approach to the matter:

…we found that emphasizing only part of what was at stake—rights and benefits—wasn’t enough to reach the middle and gain majority support. What did resonate with many Americans were values-based arguments: love, commitment, and family. These are, after all, universal concepts that are simple, emotional, positive, and easily understood. We cracked the code on message, and then focused our work on message delivery.