#StormontTalks: The Assembly still stands

From the BBC

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was delighted a workable agreement had been reached.

Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan said it “sets out a plan for financial and welfare reform.”

First Minister Peter Robinson said he would be recommending the document to his party executive.

Ulster Unionist Party leader Mike Nesbitt said no party was able to give the agreed proposals 100% endorsement as “they all have their own processes”, but he said he would ask his own party to give the agreement “a fair wind”.

Alliance leader David Ford said he made it clear to the government that he would accept what was in the paper, but said it did not go far enough to meet the needs of Northern Ireland society.

No detail out yet but our wee assembly will likely continue…..

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  • chrisjones2

    They are all scrooges. Rejoice the DUP and SF have saved us all by agreeing that we all need a lot more money to buy off their client groups

  • Superfluous

    “We agree! We firmly agree, not to agree… now where’s our £2billion?”

  • Ernekid

    The proof in this christmas pudding will be in the eating. I wonder who’ll get the Silver piece in the pudding?

  • Tacapall

    Where do you get the “WE” from, they done as they usually do feathered their own nests but the real joke is the problems that matter are simply kicked down the road a bit further with the added bonus of the British government paying for us to keep kicking it down the road.

  • the rich get richer

    Hallelujah eerr probably just a temporary hallelujah but lets be pleased with that. Yeah its an hallelujah.

    Come on sing it you barstewards

  • jammc98

    Next time, and there will be a next time, I’d bet on it, will the Brits be so accommodating?, I mean even dare I say a Labour government would be cautious about handing out monetary deals with the Scots looking over their shoulder?

  • Cue Bono

    Has the unemployed barsteward in Dundalk agreed to it yet?

  • barnshee

    And Dave will allow them to borrow it? and pass the cost to who?
    These phuckers are laughing at the poor bastard taxpayer

  • chrisjones2

    Only sultanas though ….them raisins eyes is too closle together for my tatse

  • Zeno1

    Don’t worry my New Years Predictions are DFS will have a Sale and another “Crisis” will be along shortly.

  • Ian James Parsley

    In your own Capital Budget, apparently…