Cartoon – Spencer on Tuesday

Peter Robinson, Martin McGuinness cartoon, Brian John Spencer

In response to the Cameron-Kenny talks exit the Telegraph wrote, “It is astonishing how money can conquer ancient sectarian divides.” The divided became the united and money was the lubricant and the bridge. The only problem, Cameron wants the money back with interest. The divide now is between Cameron and the common money front of DUP-SF.

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  • Zig70

    I reckon a reduction to 30 MLAs would be about right, along with the 13MPs it would still be more represented per head here than south or east. Maybe then they would be too busy to be playing with trojan horses.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Why the mock astonishment by the BT? Unfortunately throughout the rest of the UK we are well known for being a bunch of scroungers.