Alex Salmond plans to return to Westminster

If the good people of East Sussex think I’m as big a danger to the Westminster Parliament as Guy Fawkes, then they’re right.

Alex Salmond

Scotland’s former First Minister, Alex Salmond is attempting to make a return to the Westminster Parliament in May 2015. Salmond who has always enjoyed the House of Commons, will likely play a key role mentoring and building what is expected to be a much larger SNP parliamentary party. He has said he will not be seeking to lead the group and will donate one of his salaries to a local youth group for the year that he is serving as both an MSP and MP.

The seat he is seeking is Gordon which is currently held by Lib Dem MP, Malcolm Bruce who is stepping down.

Obviously Salmond sees his role as ensuring that commitments made by the Better Together during the election campaign are met.

Will he make it to Westminster? And if he does will he make a difference there?