And the irreplaceable Willie Hay remains irreplaceable, apparently

The news on Mitchel McLaughlin not getting the seat Peter Robinson once promised him, in two Tweets…

One, if Mitchel ain’t getting it, no one is…

Two, some context…

Fun, innit…

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  • danielsmoran

    This day will be recorded as the one where Robinson inadvertently owned up to being no longer leader of DUP simply a puppet of the most backward in party. Humiliation is now his lot until he gives up and slinks away.

  • rfcjohn

    Did PR actually make such an agreement or was it his now-deceased predecessor? Just asking like

  • Mister_Joe

    The Parties made the agreement, so it doesn’t matter who signed. I’ve said it before and recently, there is no such concept as “honour” in that place.

  • rfcjohn

    And you that how?

  • Jag

    DUPers release statement which links the agreement on speaker to the alleged agreement on welfare reform/cuts (which the blighters in Dublin scuppered, or at least that’s the DUP view)

    According to Jimbo at the TUV, “at noon today”, the SFer Principal Deputy Speaker lost his “principal” powers and is now on a par with the SDLP and DUP deputy speakers.

    And off topic, the Combined Unionist Leadership (note those imposing capital letters) have had a meeting with the SoS about the Panel of Parades (those imposing capital letters again) but alas, there is nothing to report except SoS is supposed to get back to them asap with clarifications.

  • Mister_Joe
  • dodrade99

    Wasn’t the original deal that Francie Malloy would succeed Hay, until he left the Assembly to take over from McGuinness in Mid Ulster?

  • Comrade Stalin

    By the fact that up until now the DUP made no effort to repudiate the agreement.

    Also, Robinson was deputy leader at the time and was the de facto party leader. Paisley was a frail old man barely able to work for a few hours a day. You can be sure that Robinson approved this deal. What has changed is his ability to be in control of his party.

    The basic question of the DUP’s honour and ability to deliver on their commitments is what is at stake here. The deal was that SF would support Willie Hay if the DUP supported an SF candidate next time. Going back on a public deal in such a public way is a serious problem – how can their word ever be trusted again ?

  • barnshee

    Shock horror—politicians fail to keep their promises

  • Croiteir

    Did anyone seriously expect unionists to keep their word, seriously? The only question I have is addressed to Sinn Fein. What are you going to do about it?

  • Neil

    You’re right there. When dealing with God’s party in NI from now on, they keep their side of the deal first. They’re less honest and trustworthy than the British govt.

  • Sliothar

    To paraphrase a certain politician:
    Would you trust this man to go down to the shops…?.
    If his party was a delivery firm, would you trust it to, em…, deliver?’
    I think not.
    Once upon a time, Sammy Wilson was caught on camera with no clothes on, now the Emperor has been revealed, to the world, in all his helpless

  • streetlegal

    Again we can see the hand of ‘the mighty Dodds’ at work. Here the Doddomites flexed their muscles to force Robinson into the most humiliating position possible. Having successfully tested his strength Dodds can now proceed with confidence with his leadership challenge.

  • Jag

    Yep, SF wouldn’t trust Peter to go down to the shop to buy sweets.